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Ubud Villa

The name of Ubud is derived from the name of a disrtict in Gianyar Regency, traditionally renowned as the center of art and artist in Bali. The Ubud villa features a traditional Balinese gate entrance for your privacy with views over the adjacent rice paddy towards the most revered Agung Mountain, home to the mother temple of Bali, BESAKIH TEMPLE. A two storey villa with two bedrooms. Available with double beds with the second floor featuring a romantic mosquito net, The total size of the villa is 157 m2. Each room features verandah, bath room and bath tub, shower room all with hot and cold water. The bath room on the second floor boasts an open air shower with views over adjacent rice paddy.

Ubud Villa, Bebek Tepi Sawah Villa And Spa
Ubud Villa

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