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5-Days of Fun on Baliís Sanur Beach

Sanur Village Festival Returns to Bali August 22-26, 2018

Bali News: Bali, Sanur Village Festival, Mandala Giri, Festival in Bali
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The 13th Annual Sanur Village Festival (SVF 2018) returns to Bali August 22-26, 2018 - headquartered at the Maisonette Inna Grand Bali Beach.

Open daily to the public from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm, this year’s festival has adopted the theme of “Mandala Giri” which translates as circle and mountain - symbolizing the close link between nature and culture in Balinese society. The 5-day festival seeks to facilitate and stimulate the Sanur community’s creativity in developing sustainable tourism.

In the wake of the eruption of the Mount Agung volcano in late 2018, the close relationship between humanity and nature in Bali is embraced by SVF 2018. Awareness of Mount Agung’s existence and the mountain’s message that we must rekindle community togetherness and familiarity, respect and protection of the environment, and tell the world that Bali remains safe and unrivaled as a world-class destination.

As in years past, those who attend SVF 2018 can look forward to a non-stop program of fun-filled cultural programs.

Don’t miss the varied culinary experience that awaits at SVF 2018, from warung-style cuisine to five-star dining at restaurant and resorts on offer at moderate prices at the Festival’s Food Bazaar.

After dark, Sanur will come alive each night with traditional cultural performances drawn from Bali and the rest of Indonesia, plus exciting contemporary music presentations by top musicians.

Art performances open to public such as body painting, on the spot painting, art exhibition and photography, ice carving, and fruit carving also form a part of the five-day festival.

There will also be a range of competitions and sports fun, including marathon, triathlon, futsal, tennis, golf, surfing, wind surfing, fishing competition, traditional boat parade and other water sporting activities.

Make time to cycle around Sanur, enjoy angling with local fishermen, recline on beautiful beachees and the white sands of Sanur Beach, or simply explore the ancient charms of one of Bali’s most ancient settlements.

All eyes point skyward for the World Kite Festival to be held at SVF 2018 featuring Balinese traditional and contemporary kites flown by teams from Bali and around the world.

Green and Environmental activities will focus on coral conservation, turtle release, beach clean ups, mangrove planting, the cultivation of rare trees, environmental education and green campaign.

13th Sanur Village Festival
Sanur Village Community – Bali, Indonesia
August 22-26, 2018
Open Daily 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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