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Bali Tax Update

Local Business People Meet to Get Up to Date on Current Taxation Issues.

(12/15/2003) On Friday, December 12, 2003, over 65 Bali business people gathered for a half-day seminar on taxation issues presented by Mr. Ken Allan, a Partner-Advisor from MS Taxes in Jakarta. Mr. Allan has more than 15 years experience in Indonesia dealing in audit and tax matters.

Among the issues covered in the Tax Seminar were:

Insights on the current taxation environment including tougher enforcement measures for delinquent taxpayers, programs to force registration with the tax office, and regional tax levies.

Corporate Tax issues including taxation on employee provided meals; company car depreciation rules; heightened scrutiny of high income earners; company provided tax plans; rules covering mergers and consolidation; tax on employee benefits in kind such as motor vehicles and cell phones; asset revaluation.

Taxes borne by Government on salaries of less than Rp. 2 million per month.

Tax refund procedures and current practice.

Case studies of lessons learned from 2002 tax filings.

Taxation issues related to transfer pricing.

Tax planning and strategies.

Professional conference management for the Tax Seminar was provided by Bali Discovery Tours.