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Enhancing Preparedness for Disaster

Badung Regency Establishes Tourism Emergency Center to Assist Tourists if Bali Airport is Closed

(12/29/2017) reports that Badung Regency in Bali has established a Tourism Emergency Center (TEC) to assist tourists in the event of a natural disaster or sudden closure of Bali’s Airport. 

The decision to establish a Badung TEC was set forth in a directive issued by the Regent of Badung and forms part of the Regency’s Tourism Office for 2018 revealed on Wednesday, December 27, 2017. 
Specific points of action set forth in the Regent decree stipulating the operational parameters for the TEC include:
The decision of the Regent to create a TEC was welcomed by the head of the Badung Tourist Promotion Office, I.G. A.N. Rai Suryawijaya, who said similar steps should be undertaken by other regencies, the municipality of Denpasar, and the Province as a whole.
Suryawijaya said that the operation of a TEC or similar agency was now an accepted international standard. When an emergency situation develops, the Regency can immediately coordinate with the Province and the National Government as the needs arise.
Suryawijaya sees the establishment of the Badung TEC as a means of persuading tourist that Bali is safe to visit. “The statement letter we and shown to foreign nations. This will serve as a guarantee letter that Bali is safe to visit,” explained Suryawijaya. 
The Badung TEC will be temporarily located at the Badung Tourism Office. Some Rp. 8.5 billion has been allocated from the Regency’s budget to pay for the Center.