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And the Gang’s All Here

Bali Chief of Police Restates His Firm Stance Against Mass Organisations and Gangs for 2018

(12/30/2017) and report that in a year-end address by Bali’s Chief of Police, Inspector General Petrus Golose, the head of the Island’s constabulary restated his commitment to secure the public’s support and approval the work done law enforcement and put an end to criminal gang actvity.

Golose that that mass organisations groups (i.e. gangs) and individuals seeking to disrupt the lives of the poor and seeking illegal payments have no place in Bali. Because of this, General Golose took the unusual step on Thursday, December 28, 2017, of specifically naming the three leading “gangs” in Bali.

In a warning to gangs he said: “I have received reports from the public on the payment of protection money (pungli). I thank those who have made these reports and continue to take action against those coercing such payments that cannot be tolerated. “ Naming the leading mafia-like gangs in Bali, Golose continued, saying: “I want to tell Laskar Bali, Baladika and Pemuda Bali Bersatu not to try (such actions) again in 2018.”

Golose said that while steps have been made to reform Gangs or “mass organisations" (ormas)  in Bali, the police will continue to track the groups’ activities, particular as regards money politics as Bali approaches the coming elections.

The Chief of police emphasised that he has no intention of being confrontational with traditional village law, and for that reason would always use a “soft approach” in dealing with levies and fees imposed illegally on the village level that burden the public.