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Denpasar Bali Immigration Office Tracks Foreign Nationals Working, Studying and Retiring in Bali

(12/30/2017) The Head of the Denpasar, Bali Immigration Office, Ignatius Purwanto, told that based on collected data through December 18, 2017, most foreign nationals working in Bali serve as expert staff or company managers.

Immigration data shows 723 experts and 30 company managers are currently working in South Bali.

In addition, 523 foreigners are currently living in Bali undertaking local programs of university study.

310 foreigners have stay permits based on their marriage to an Indonesian national.

Also of interest, 118 people on retirement visas are holding permanent residency status.

Purwanto says his office has a special team that supervises foreigners living in Bali, asking that members of the public inform his office if they suspect a foreigner is undertaking activities outside the scope of his immigration and labor permits.