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When a Hero Holidays in Bali

Birmingham Firefighter Comes to the Rescue of a Tourist who Fell 40-meters into a Volcanic Crater

(2/25/2018) reports how a U.K. firefighter on holiday in Bali snapped into action and helped save the life of a woman who slipped and fell 40-meters into the crater of the Mount Batur volcano on Sunday, February 18, 2018.

The 33-year-old fireman, John Conway, scaled down the side of the crater wall to hoist the woman back up to the crater’s rim and then fashioned a makeshift stretcher that he and local residents maneuvered down the steep 1.7 kilometre trail down the volcano’s side.

The Birmingham fireman Conway, who had traveled to Bali to celebrate his birthday, told the press that the woman was lucky to survive given the injuries she suffered in the fall. Conway described the woman’s poor physical state after the fall that included profuse bleeding, contusions, head wounds and fractures. Using wet tissues, dry tissues and transparent tape, Conway spent a half hour on the mountain fashioning temporary bandages before another tourist, Dorina Agache, an Irish nurse on holiday joined to offer assistance.

Working as a team, the firefighter and the nurse, stabilized the woman for the coming 6-7 hours until she could be handed over to a hospital team. Conway and Agache stayed with the woman during the ascent and the ambulance transfer to a hospital.

The injured woman, also reportedly from the UK, suffered a fractured spine, broken ribs and a serious head injury and was hospitalized at the BIMC Hospital.