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Official Holiday Schedule for 2005 Announced

More Long Weekends in 2005 As Many Official Holidays Fall on Fridays and Mondays.

(7/26/2004) The Government has announced the official holidays for 2005 that will result in 5 long weekends and 13 national holidays throughout the year.

Unlike last year when the Government moved many dates to create long weekends and encourage domestic tourism, many of the holidays in 2005 will be recognized on their official dates which coincidentally fall on Fridays and Mondays creating natural long weekends. The only exception to this rule is the decision to move the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday to Friday, April 22 and the celebration of the Prophet's ascension in heaven to Friday September 2.

Idul Fitri celebrations are widely expected to be declared on Thursday and Friday, November 3 and 4, 2005. The Government has decided that Civil servants will be granted holidays from November 2 with the option of an additional 2 days leave on November 7 and 8 with the permission of their supervisors.

Holidays in 2005

New Year Day - Saturday, 1 January

Idul Adha 1425 H. - Friday, 21 January

Chinese New Year 2556 - Wednesday, 9 February

Islamic New Year 1426 - Thursday, 10 February

Hindu Bali Day of Silence (Nyepi) - Friday, 11 March

Good Friday - Friday, 25 March

Maulid of the Prophet Muhammad - Friday, 22 April

Ascension of Jesus Christ - Thursday, 5 May

Buddhist Vesak Day - Tuesday, 24 May

Indonesia's Independence Day - Wednesday, 17 August

Isra Mi'raj of Prophet Muhammad - Friday, 2 September

Idul Fitri 1426 H. - Thursday and Friday, 3 and 4 November

Christmas - Sunday, December 25