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Bali Police Tickets Net Rp. 1.2 billion in Fines and Penalties in 2008.

(3/30/2009) DenPost reports that revenues accumulated by local traffic courts in traffic fines and penalties totaled Rp. 1.2 billion (US$107,150) in 2008. This translates into 92,436 violations that resulted in 89,689 tickets issued by police. The difference of 2,747 between ticketed and non-ticketed violations is accounted by drivers issued with warnings in lieu of tickets.

The breakdown of traffic fines across the island:

Rp. 258.3 million from tickets issued by traffic police assigned at the Denpasar Police Headquarters.

Rp. 135 million from tickets issued by the Denpasar traffic police.

Rp. 138.8 million from the Bandung police precinct.

Rp. 117.6 million from the Buleleng traffic police.

Rp. 163.6 million from the Tabanan traffic police.

Rp. 93 million from the Gianyar traffic police.

Rp. 90.3 million from the Klungkung traffic police.

Rp. 26.5 million from the Bangli traffic police.

Rp. 110.2 million from the Karangasem traffic police.

Rp. 80 million from the Jembrana traffic police.