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Bali Exports Up 45%

Non-Oil Exports make a Dramatic Leap in January 2002.

(3/1/2002) Non-Oil exports for Bali for the month of January 2002 increased 45% as compared to the same month a year before. Total Exports tallied US$ 23.2 million for the month.

Dominating the list of items exported from the island were textiles and clothing products, handicrafts, seafood, and agricultural products.

Of the total for January, US$ 15 million was in textile products up from US$ 9 million in 2001; US$ 12.8 million in handicrafts, increasing 42.34% from the year before; and agricultural products totaled US$ 4.5 million down US$5.5 million from the previous year. (Bisnis Indonesia)