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Readers write to Bali Update and About the Design of the Airport; Lawrence Blairís Tribute to His Feather Friend Dicky, Traffic and Medical Care in Bali

(1/22/2012) Our coverage on criticism from a local legislator complaining Bali’s airport renovations lack sufficient Balinese architectural touches [If this is Wednesday, It Must be Bali!], earned a number of reader responses:

“I am increasingly worried and appalled at the lack of Balinese feel in shops, hotels, private homes and now the airport. I would have thought with tourism being so important to the economy, why destroy all the tourists come for.”
“Maybe I am missing something but I thought there was an approval process before you could build something. For my house it was called an IMB.”
“The fear of the new Bali airport does not resemble Bali but Europe instead is really a laughing matter. I mean, to feel that you've landed in an European airport you must have the quality of European man skills. But instead here we are, having mediocre service and facilities, corrupt airport and custom officials. No, no one will feel they've landed in Europe when these things still persists regardless what architecture design the new airport may have.”
“I totally agree, we I arrive in Bali I want to feel Bali. I have been many times since 1988 and I still am overcome with the feeling of Bali each time. It would be just terrible to miss this. Please keep the architecture of Bali in the airport.”
“Oh, I do hope it will be in Balinese style!!! We love Bali so much, and have been your guests since 1993. We love the REAL Bali so much.”

Our coverage on the Cubana Bar and Grill [A Taste of Cuba in Bali] incorrectly called it Bali’s first Cuban-style restaurant. A number of readers wrote to set us straight:
“This is not the "first" Cuban restaurant in Bali. You surely are aware of Cafe Havana in Ubud owned by Janet Molloy of Goddess On The Go Restaurant downstairs and fine dining and nightclub up stairs.”
“This might be a great place, but not the first Cuban inspired place in Bali. Cafe Havana in Ubud has been open for years!”

Dr. Lawrence Blair’s wonderful remembrance of Dicky [Well Dressed and Badly Behaved - Remembering Dicky]  prompted numerous emails:
“My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Dr Blair and his wife on the recent loss of their delightful parrot, Dicky.”

“For many years my wife and I have had our day begin with a smile brought to our lives by the sight of Dicky riding by on the beach or sitting on the shoulder of the good Dr at breakfast. As a regular visitor to Kumala Pantai Hotel it was often a case of sharing the pool with a wet and bedraggled Dicky gliding by on Dr Blair's head. We will be back again in May and will miss what was often an amusing and delightful sight of man and parrot in perfect harmony.”

“RIP Dicky and best wishes to Dr Blair for sharing him with many strangers.”
“A beautiful story, well written, tears in my eyes, creatures small and large have so much to give, you only need the opportunity and the wish. And luckily I have seen Dicky in action, quite superb!”
“Oh thank you Lawrence for sharing the joy of Dicky but not for the tears that I now shed stopping me from my work.”
“On our last trip to Bali last year we were fortunate enough to have 'Dicky's' presence at the Kumala Pantai breakfast. He was a truly amazing bird who kept all entertained over our early morning coffee. He will be missed by many I am sure.

The dangerous state of driving in Bali was covered in [Counting the Carnage] :
“Despite the bragging by the Bali Police about their efforts to improve road-safety by visiting schools, doing road-shows, etc., etc., it's pretty clear that anyone BUT the police rules the roads in Bali. The amount of visibly overloaded trucks, pick-ups illegally carrying passengers, the poor technical state of the bemo's and intercity buses, motor bikers driving around without helmets and with more than 2 persons on 1 motorbike, motorbikes and cars with illegal exhaust systems, under aged drivers, general neglect of any traffic sign or rule by motorists, the total lack of any interest whatsoever by police sitting / standing at the road side, is overwhelming evidence that the police for sure are not in control.”
“Simple actions can be taken, at random locations and fines issued on the spot, with immediate result. But, is the police really interested to do things like that?”

[Bali, Bali Shining Bright, Fading from Our Very Sight ]  - a lamentation by a leading Bali academic on the state of Bali and its tourism industry saw:
“I have been saying this for years...the article is absolutely correct in every way. Soon Bali will look like Waikiki beach unless there is a halt to the bombardment of hotels being built, I have read some horrendous amount of hotels earmarked for Bali. I personally know of many, many regular visitors to the island who will never come back because of the way Bali is headed. I can only hope and pray this situation is going to be of major concerns to the governor of Bali and some action taken.”

[My Left Foot]  describing the surgery and hospitalization of Bali Update’s Editor over the New Year's period caused an exchange of “get well wishes” and hospital stories from Bali. “Sorry to read about your foot and wish you perfect recovery. Have been to Bali 30/40 times never needed medical attention but good to know BIMC looked after you well. Keep up the good work I thoroughly enjoy reading Bali News.”
“Hi Jack,Sorry to read about your mishap. Reminded me of an incident I had a few years back. Horse playing with my partner at home, we heard a loud crack in my leg. Looked at my ankle and it had swollen to half the size of a cricket ball within minutes-gross. Went to A&.E at the local hospital. The doctor said nothing to worry about-it was just a sprained ankle. Over the next few days of my leg turning black and unbelievable pain, I persuade my GP to send me back to the hospital for an x-ray (he felt it was a bad sprain). The x-ray confirmed that there was a major fracture of the fibula. So for 10 days I was walking (or rather hobbling) on a broken leg! So good to read that you had medical staff who were on the ball and actually listened to what you were saying!”