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Motorcyclist Killed by Falling Tree in East Bali

Talented Balinese Chef Dies Two Days after Being Pinned Under Large Tree that Fell on His Moving Motorcycle

Shifting Tides of Bali Tourist Arrivals in 2018

Bali by the Numbers: A Shake-Up Underway in the Profile of Bali's Inbound Tourists

Ping Marked the Spot

Cockpit Voice Recorder from Crash Site of Lion Air JT 610 Recovered

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Bali Governor Stops Short of Call from Chief of Police to Disband Three Local Gangs

Passionate About Indonesian Cooking

Sheandy Satria Appointed Chef de Cuisine at Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali

The Care and Feeding of Dragons

NTT Provincial Government Wants to Close Komodo National Park for One Year

Wayan Martana R.I.P

Worker Dies in Industrial Accident at North Ubud Luxury Resort

Never a Dull Moment

Latest Installment in Continuing Trial of UK Woman in Jail in Bali Since July 2018 for Slapping an Immigration Officer at Bali’s Airport

Laughter Inbound to Jakarta and Bali

Jim Jefferies Brings Night Stalker Tour to Jakarta and Bali on January 25 and January 26, 2019

Night Talker Tour

Jim Jefferies Brings His Australian Brand of Humor to The Trans Resort Bali on Saturday, January 26, 2018

To Serve and Self-Protect

Police Appear to Be Downplaying Violent Robbery at Local Convenient Store Committed by Young Balinese Policeman

Coming Home: Momentary Lapse

Solo Art Exhibition by I Made Arya Palguna at Komaneka Gallery in Ubud Through January 28, 2019

Love Me Tender, Love Me Right

Beyond Bali: Plans for Marital Consummation in Bali Put on Hold as German Man Heals from his Recent Circumcision

Caramel Macchiato Built Upside Down, Hold the Rainwater

Ceiling Panels Fall Down on VIP Guests at Inauguration of Bali’s Newest Starbucks Cafe

Price Hike: It’s in the Bags

Indonesia Consumer Protection Agency Derides Abolition of Luggage Allowance on Domestic Flights as Camouflaged Price Hike

Advance Australia! FORE!

Bali National Golf Club Invites Golfers to Celebrate Australia Day on the golf course

Bali to Gili Trawangan By Modern Safe Ferry

Fast, Affordable, Ferry Between Bali and Gili Trawangan with Blue Sea Jet

Demanding Government Accountability

Friends of the Earth-Bali Wants Government Port Developer to Come-Clean on Benoa Development Plans

The Bitter Taste of Death

Unique and Gruesome Funeral Ritual Still Found In Balinese Village of Banjar Buruan

Your Head is Like a Sacred Temple - Protect it

Outspoken Balinese Police Woman Says There’s Never a Reason Not to Wear a Safety Helmet

Determined to Fly High

Hong Kong Airlines Rejects Rumors, Insisting They’re ‘Here to Stay’

Where’s The Bravery to Ban Gangs of Thugs

Bali Chief of Police Ask Governor’s Response to Long-Standing Recommendation to Ban 3 Bali Gangs

Sacred and Secure

Uluwatu Temple Authorities Assure Face Cliff in No Danger of Toppling into the Sea

Fire destroys 3-Storey Building on Jalan Raya Seminyak

Art Shop and Apartment Lost to Fire That Started with Short-Circuit

Padma Encore!

Classical Piano and Cello Concert by Hee Young Lim and Yohaness Siem on 02 February 2019 at Padma Resort Ubud and 03 February 2019 at Padma Legian Resort

Bali to Give its Mother Temple a Makeover

Reworked Besakih Temple to Include Gardens, Theatre, Expanded Parking and Better Road Access

Extending an Overstay into a Very Extended Stay

Trial Continues of UK Woman in Bali Jail since July 28, 2018 for Slapping a Bali Immigration Official

Sanur Vendors told to Vamos!

17 Beachside Vendors on Sanur Beach Evicted by Province to Make Way for Tourism Project

Carrying Charges Apply

Lion Air and Wings Air Eliminate Free Luggage Allow

Guardians at Bali’s Gate

Bali Immigration Keeps Tally of Foreign Nationals Refused Entry to Bali