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An Appeal to Indonesia's Finance Minister

Editorial: The Missing and Most Urgently Needed Incentive in Dealing with the Coronavirus Crisis

Taking a Stand on Bali Taxi Stands

Governor Koster Announces New Transport Regulation Addressing Conventional and Online Taxi Operators

Posso Assaggiare, Signor Allievi?

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali Appoints Chef Davide Allievi to Lead its Kitchen Brigade at Prego

Sanur Landmark Consumed by Fire

Dong Oman Warung in Sanur, Bali Destroyed by Fire

The Next Round is on Bali

Bali Preparing to Hold a Festival to Promote its Traditional Palm Wine, Wine, and Brem Bali Beverages

Paradise Postponed – Cancelled Hotel Bookings Go ‘Viral’ in Bali

ITDC at Nusa Dua, Bali Estimates 51,000 Room Nights Cancelled Due to Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Bulgarian Now Spoken at Kerobokan Prison in Bali

Police Arrest Two (More) Bulgarians for ATM Skimming in Bali

Found After Missing for 3 Days

Italian Tourist Drowns in Crystal Bay at Nusa Penida, Bali

When Your Vehicle Suddenly Goes Missing in Ubud

Police in Ubud Begin Hauling Away Illegally Parked Cars and Motorcycles.

What Crisis?

Deputy Regent in Badung, South Bali Insists Bali Remains Safe with Systems in Place to Handle the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Emergency Relief Needed for Indonesian Tourism

Indonesian Finance Minister: Economic Relief and Incentives Coming Soon for the Tourism Sector

Meet in Bali

With Support from Bank Indonesia, Bali Convention & Exhibition Bureau Launched

Bali Still Testing Negative for Coronavirus

Bali Provincial Health Officials Discover No Coronavirus Cases Linked to Infected Chinese Traveler Who Visited Bali in Late January

A Lot of Slots for Airlines Prepared to Fly to Jakarta or Bali

Indonesia Government Seeking Airlines to Quickly Fill Flight Slots Abandoned by Airlines Once Flying Between China and Indonesia

Jamie James, Author Extraordinaire, 1951-2020

Renowned American Author, Jamie James Dies in Lombok Following 20 Years of Living in Indonesia.

Coronavirus by the Numbers (Updated 10 Feb)

Understanding Trends in the Developing Health Crisis through February 9, 2020

Replacing Missing Chinese Market

Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Says Domestic Tourism and MICE Sectors to be Heavily Stimulated to Offset Any Loss in Chinese Tourists

Bali Missing its Chinese Visitors

Foreign Exchange Cost of Prolonged Chinese Exodus from Indonesia Could be More than US$4 Billion

Seeking Domesticity to Replace Missing Chinese Travelers

Government Requests Steep Discounts on Air Travel to Bali, North Sulawesi, and Bintan

Anti-Viral Eviction

41 Foreign Nationals with Chinese Travel Histories Refused Entry in Bali

Sins of the Mothers & Fathers Shall Not Go Unpunished

Constitutional Court Asked to Criminally Charge Parents of Under-Aged Children Operating Motor Vehicles.

Paradise to Papua Four Times a Week

Citilink Indonesia Flying Four Times Weekly Between Bali and Timika, Papua.

In Dili the Place to Dilly Dally or Do Deals

Beyond Bali: Hilton Dili Palm Springs Resort – A New Jewel in the Capital of a New Nation as Short Flight from Bali

New Man in Command at Ritz-Carlton in Bali

John Woolley Appointed General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

Run the Race Remarkable in Bali - Sunday, August 30, 2020

Maybank Bali Marathon Earns ‘Bronze Label’ Status from World Athletics

99 Bottles of Brem on the Wall . . .

Regulations in Hand to Allow Bali to Launch Indigenous Alcoholic Beverage Industry

ITDC to Expand Hotel Reach to South Lombok

PT Indonesian Natour Group Declares Intention to Build Hotel at Mandalika – ITDC Lombok

East African Tourist Drowns off Canggu Beach, Bali

24-year-old man Drowned While Struggling in Early Evening Strong Currents on Saturday, February 1, 2020

A Moonlight Soirée of 19th Century Music in Bali

Padma Presents: Piano Recital by Luca Chiantore Saturday, February 22, 2020

When Dragons are Unable to Fly

Bali’s Export of Dragon Fruit and Mangosteens Halted by Chinese Travel Ban