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A Blazing Bintang in the Night

2,000 Square Meter Bintang Supermarket Complex in Seminyak Destroyed by Fire

The Bintang Supermarket Complex located in Seminyak – Kuta was destroyed by fire in the early hour of Thursday, January 16, 2020.

The fire devastated the two-story building containing the Bintang Supermarket, Cafe Seminyak, Toko Bikini, a pharmacy, a sandal shop, Diamond Handphone Counter, a money changer, an optician, post office, Bintang DVD Shop, Bali Print PhotoShop, and assorted offices.

Estimates of the financial losses incurred in the fire exceed Rp. 50 billion.

Fortunately, there were no casualties in the fire that was first detected by two security guards at the complex at 2:30 am who saw flames located near the pharmacy.

The two guards initially tried to control the fire with fire hoses installed at hydrants at the complex. Unable to extinguish the intensifying inferno, the two men called the local fire station that responded within 15 minutes. Available water supplies were insufficient to fight the fire necessitating the fire trucks to ferry back and forth to nearby water supplies. 18 fire trucks from Badung and Denpasar fire departments managed to completely extinguish the fire at 1:00 pm mid-day Thursday - some 10.5 hours its initial detection.

Police and fire officials believe the fire was sparked by a short circuit in the pharmacy that quickly spread to other sections of the large complex covering a 2,000 square meter space.

A spokesman for Bintang Supermarket said reconstruction of a new supermarket would commence immediately with completion and reopening targeted fate Q3 or early Q4 2020.

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