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A Conference Budget Under Control

Rp. 855.5 Billion Being Spent by Indonesian Government to Prepare for IMF-World Bank Conference
Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, is insisting he is solely responsible for government expenditures in connection with the preparations for the International Monetary Fund( (IMF) – World Bank Conference to be held in Bali in October 2018.

Amidst suggestion that State expenditures for the IMF-World Bank Conference are ballooning, Luhut, who serves as the chairman of National Host Committee for the event, was quoted by Kompas.com saying on Friday, May 11, 2018: “I am the chairman (of the host committee), there is no one else who can speak to the problem of funding or the mechanics of the event. We are allocating the expenditures. If there are those who say the funding is out of control, I am the one responsible. Tell them to talk to me. Let this be clear.”

The IMF-World Bank event will take place in Bali October 8-14, 2018.

Luhut said the coming conference will profit Indonesia. From a tourism perspective, Luhut said the IMF-World Bank Conference will become a major promotional event. Adding: “The budgeted money (for the event) will also be used to ‘repair’ the tourist destination. This is a major promotion.”

Meanwhile, the chairman for day-to-day preparations for the IMF-World Bank Conference, Susiwijono Moegiarso, said the Government has allocated Rp. 855.5 billion in connection with the event.

Some 15,000 delegates representing 189 countries are expected to visit Indonesia for the event, accompanied by another 3,500 members of the press.

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