A Karma Ending

Suicide Suspected in Death of Australian Expatriate in Sanur, Bali
A 59-year-old Australian man living in the Hotel Karma Royal in Sanur has fallen to his death in what police believe may have been a case of suicide.

The body of Graeme Peter Evans was found lying on the ground at the foot of an outside stairwell near the staff canteen at 8:45 am of Saturday. May 12, 2018, by a member of the hotel’s engineering staff.

Evans, together with his wife Nicole (45), had been staying at the hotel for 5 months. Just prior to the man’s death, the couple had been staying in room 105 located on the hotel’s second floor.

As reported by Jawapost.com, police said the couple had an argument earlier in the morning, strengthening suspicions that Evans may have taken his own life. Police also said the position of the man’s body suggested he may have jumped rather than slipped on the stairs.

Evan’s body was transported to the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar for forensic examination.

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