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A Quieter Than Usual Lebaran Holiday in Bali

Extra Flights at Bali Airport for Lebaran Holiday at an all Time Low

Further proof that increases in domestic air fares and restrictive policies on accompanying luggage have dramatically reduced demand for air tickets is the downturn in “extra flights” operating from Bali’s Airport over the traditional high “Idul Fitri” holiday period.

During the Lebaran Holidays of 2018 there were 724 requests for extra flights to meet added demand, during the current year of 2019 the number of requested extra flights have plummeted 254% to only 216 flights.

As reported by NusaBali, Angkasa Pura I who manage Bali’s Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport have confirmed the sudden and very large decline in the number of extra flights requested by scheduled operators over what is traditionally the busiest holiday travel period of the year.

In confirming the decline in demand for flight, Angkasa Pura are linking the downturn to the high price of domestic air flights.

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