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A Road Paved with Good Intentions

Indonesian Law Now Requires Foreigners Involved in Social Welfare Work to Hold College and Post Graduate Degrees, and be Fluent in Indonesian

NusaBali reports that Indonesian law will now require foreigners involved in social work to demonstrate professional competency and fluency in the Indonesian language.

I Gusti Agung Putri Astrid Kartika, a member of Commission VIII of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR-RI), said in Jakarta on Tuesday, September 3, 2019: “Foreign Social Workers practicing their profession in Indonesia must speak Indonesian. In addition, the must hold a certificate of competency and a license.”

The subject license can be issued by the Ministry of Manpower or the local government where they work. Gung Astrid said the problems posed by foreign social workers is now covered under national law because these workers represent cross-national workers.

The government hopes to eliminate the number of unregistered foreigners involved in social work in Indonesia. Better control is also hoped to increase employment opportunities for Indonesians seeking to work in the field of social work in their home country.

Gung Astrid continued: “The National law will both protect and empower the Indonesian people. It will persuade and train Indonesians not to unquestionably accept ‘outside’ help. It will allow (Indonesians) to ask if the (foreign) social worker is competent or not.”

Gung Astrid praised the new law’s passage saying it will protect Indonesian social workers and ensure they are receiving help from competent foreign social workers.

Social workers in Indonesia, both local and foreign, should be graduates in college social welfare programs. Ideally, they should also hold a post-graduate degree. And all should be able to speak the Indonesian language.

Image: NusaBali

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