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Bali to Give its Mother Temple a Makeover

Reworked Besakih Temple to Include Gardens, Theatre, Expanded Parking and Better Road Access

Denpost.com reports that the Provincial Government of Bali has budgeted a major upgrade and conservation project at the Island’s Mother Temple of Pura Besakih in 2019. A massive upgrade is planned for the Temple’s gardens, parking area, restaurants and access roads.

Plans also include the opening of a theatre complex where films detailing the history of Pura Besakih will be shown.

The plans for the rejuvenation of Pura Besakih were announced by Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster who promised the current disorder and confusion at the temple would soon become a thing of the past. Koster's comments were made during a speech at the Bali Arts Center in Denpasar on Monday, December 31, 2018.

Lookout areas will also be installed on all four points of the compass to allow visitors to survey the beauty of Bali’s most sacred temple standing on the slopes of volcanic Mount Agung.

Koster said the planned steps would end the degradation of the temple complex and safeguard the sacred status of Pura Besakih.