Bali’s Deep Chinese Roots

Kintamani Chinese Festival February 8, 2020

Based on the great success of the Balingkang Festival held in Kintamani in 2019, the event will return on February 8, 2020, operating under a new name - Kintamani Chinese Festival.

A grand parade planned in the area surrounding the Geopark will celebrate the long-standing cultural links shared between Bali and China.

Quoted by, the head the Provincial Tourism Service Putu Astawa told the media on Thursday, January 15, 2020, that the main aim of the Kintamani Chinese Festival is to help attract Chinese tourists to Bali.

“As we all know, there are many Chinese tourist that come to Bali in addition to the many Australians tourists. We have to take advantage of this market share,” said Astawa.

Working together with the Indonesian Association of Travel Agent (ASITA) the Kintamani Festival hopes to attract at least 1,500 Chinese tourists and eventually make the Kintamani Chinese Festival internationally known.

Continuing, Astawa said: “We hope the people of Bali come to see presentations from China and the Chinese will come to the Festival to see traditional Balinese cultural performance. I want this to become an active exchange of cultures.”

One of the many wide variety of events scheduled for the Festival is a parade of the unique and newly recognized Kintamani breed of dogs.

Astawa said the Kintamani Chinese Festival will be open to the public without charge

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