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Bali’s North Shaken by Moderate Earthquake

5.1 Earthquake in North Bali on November 14th Damages at Least 25 Homes. No Injuries Reported.

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake that struck on Thursday afternoon, November 14, 2019, in North Bali caused limited damage in 14 villages spread across 5 sub-districts of Bali’s Buleleng Regency. Authorities counted 25 private residences as suffering heavy damage together with 9 public buildings, including meeting halls and religious temples.

As damage assessments continue The Disaster Alleviation Agency (BPBD-Buleleng) in Buleleng expects reports of injury and property damage will escalate in the days following the earthquake.

The 14 villages affected by the seismic event and reporting damage to public and private buildings are in the Village of Lokapaksa (District of Seririt), Kaliasada (Seririt), the Community of Seririt, Village of Unggahan (Seririt), Village of Ularan (Seririt), Village of Pengulon (District of  Gerokgak), Village of Musi (Gerokgak), Village of Banjar (District of Banjar), Village of Tampekan (Banjar), Village of Kalianget (Seririt), Village of Kayuputih Melaka (District of Sukasada), Village of Telaga (District of Busungbiu), and the Village Tista (Seririt Busungbiu).

25 private homes were damaged beyond repair, with the worst devastation occurring in the Village Pangkung Paruk, (Seririt) where 7 homes and 2 public buildings were destroyed. Also suffering damage was the Village of Pengulon (Siririt) where 4 homes and one temple were destroyed.

The head of BPBD in Buleleng, Ida Bagus Suadnyana, said the 25 private homes that were destroyed saw structural walls and roofs severely damaged in the earthquake. 9 temples and public buildings were also affected.

Through Friday, November 15th, a number of minor aftershocks were still being reported. Officials say the earthquake occurred when the tectonic plates below Seririt shifted. The same fault was linked to a highly destructive 6.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the same region on July 14, 1976.

The northern Regency of Buleleng is home to the meeting point of three tectonic plates: Gerokgak, Seririt, and Tejakula. Experts say the convergence of the three plates has caused experts to say a massive event measuring 9 magnitude could someday occur.

Local officials continually warn residents in the area of the threat of earthquakes and tsunami. This level of preparedness saw many residents evacuate to higher grounds when the Thursday earthquake occurred. On the reverse side of this state of preparedness is the situation where panic can be caused by incorrect reports or hoaxes spread by irresponsible parties.

No injuries have been linked to the November 14th seismic event.

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