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Best Friend of Man’s Best Friend

AYANA Resort Bali Contributes to Improve the Lives of Bali’s Dog Population

AYANA Resort Bali continues to reach out to provide much-needed assistance to domesticated and stray dogs in the Jimbaran area by vaccinating and neutering local dogs living in the Jimbaran area of South Bali.

First launched in November of 2017, the AYANA’s “Paws for Thought” Initiative was held again at the resort’s Champa Gardens on September 13, 2019, to support the local Jimbaran community with free rabies vaccinations and neutering services for their pets. As part of the hotel's pro-active socialization of the importance of rabies vaccine and dog sterilization, local residents were invited to this event by bringing their pet dogs for vaccination and sterilization service.

The September 13th “Paws for Thought” program at the AYANA Bali Resort successfully vaccinated 50  and sterilized 25 local dogs.

Every quarter of each year a team of local vets from Yayasan Seva Bhuana gathers at AYANA Resort Bali to vaccinate and neuter local dogs. With a focus on helping to eradicate rabies on the island, ‘Paws for Thought’ helps to control Bali’s stray dog population.

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