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Boeing Boeing Something Busted

Indonesian Aviation Officials Remove Boeing 737 New Generation Aircraft with Structural Cracks

The Indonesian Ministry of Transportation is actively implementing Airworthiness Directives (AD) and FAA Airworthiness Directives issued in connection with the operation of Boeing B737-NG (New Generation) aircraft.

International airworthiness directives have identified an “unsafe condition” in the Boeing B737-NG aircraft related to cracks in the aircraft frame and strapping system that could result in a failure of the Principal Structural Element (PSE) and the aircraft's weight-bearing capacity.

As reported by Balipost.com, aviation officials ordered all B737NG aircraft worldwide to undergo immediate inspection for signs of possible structural cracks on September 27, 2019.

The Director-General of Civil Aviation, Polana B. Pramesti, order the Indonesian Director of Airworthiness and Flight Operations (DKPPU) to take immediate action on notices issued by the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) via the established Continued Airworthiness Notification to the International Community system.

All aviation companies in Indonesian operating B737NG aircraft to carry out the directives with aircraft of the type who have completed more than 30,000 flight cycles to complete their reviews and inspections before October 11, 2019.

In Indonesia, Airlines operating B737NG aircraft are Garuda Indonesian with 73 planes, Lion Air with 102 planes, Batik Air with 14 planes, and Sriwijaya Air with 24 of the subject aircraft.

As of 10 October 2019, cracks were found in one of three Garuda Indonesia B737NGs with more than 30,000 flight cycles, two cracks in Sriwijaya Aircraft with more than 30,000 flight cycles. Meanwhile, Batik Air has no Boeing 737NG in operation with more than 30,000 flight cycles.

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