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Bourdain’s Culinary Journey to Bali

Part Unknown’s Anthony Bourdain Visits Bali
For more than a week, globetrotting CNN gourmand Anthony Bourdain traveled across Indonesia experiencing some of the many culinary adventures the archipelago has to offer.

Traveling together with his CNN “Parts Unknown” crew, Bourdain visited Jakarta, where he dined at a Padang Restaurant, ate fish-head curry, and encountered the street food to be found around “Blok M”.

Later, during a visit to Bali, Bourdain traveled to the Regency of Gianyar to relish the Balinese take of roast suckling pig – Babi Guling.

Anthony Bourdain visited Warung Makan Babi Guling Pande Egi in Gianyar where he witnessed, start to finish, the elaborate preparations for Balinese roast suckling pig. Located on Jalan Bukit Buluh in the Village of Beng, Warung Makan Babi Guling Pande Egi has a unique, yet still traditional, way of preparing roast pig that is served at a location that provides a pleasing view over local rice fields.

Standard offerings on the menu are generous plates of roast suckling pig served with crackling and Balinese lawar, pork sate and Kuah Balung (pork bone soup). No dish is complete, however, without a generous serving of spicy, hot sambal.

Best of all, a portion of basic Nasi Babi Gulung costs only Rp. 15,000.

Local iced drinks and fresh fruit help round out a lunch or dinner at this popular Babi Guling Food Stand.

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