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Connecting Digitally While Flying in Indonesia

Batik Air Launches Free WiFi Service on Selected Routes

Batik Air – the full-fare subsidiary of the Lion Air Group has launched an on-board wireless WiFi entertainment on some of its flights.

Speaking on the new service enhancement, the CEO of Batik Air, Captain Achmad Luthfie, told Kompas.com: “In the initial stages, Batik Air has installed free WiFi for trial operations on three Airbus A320-200 Aircraft.”

The system is operation on Batik Air A320s with the following tail registrations: PK-LAZ, PK-LUH, and PK-LUI.

The system has been put in place under a technical agreement with Batam Aero Technic (BAT) and has been certified as airworthy by Indonesian aviation regulators.

Captain Achmad emphasized that the provision of AirFi Entertainment is part of innovations being introduced by Batik Air to supplement other entertainment elements such as magazines, and newspapers available in airline seat pockets for both economy and business seating. The free WiFi system will allow passenger connectivity while in flight via their handphones, tablets, and laptops. The system also provides audio-video on demand (avod).

Onboard WiFi entertainment available via the BAT System includes movies and TV shows, music videos, and games. There is also special programming for children, channels for lifestyle entertainment, Instagram access, messaging with people on board the aircraft, news, and electronic media.

Batik Air will continue to require all passengers to turn off the handphones and internet connections during the take-off, landing and parking sequence.

Privacy features prevent passengers from having their private data accessed while traveling on Batik Air.

Passengers wishing to access AirFi (WiFi) only need to set their cell phone to “airplane mode” and adjust the WiFi selection to “Batik Entertainment.” Once connected, the many features of the new system become instantly accessible.

The new system targets that by 2020 the online AirFi system will allow in-flight transactions where passengers can book hotels, rental cars, and undertake other online transactions.

Initially, the new service will be available on flights from Jakarta destined to Makassar, Gorontolo, Palembang, and Ternate. The service will initially also be available on the following routes: Makassar – Sorong; Sorong – Makassar; Makassar – Surabaya; Surabaya – Makassar; Makassar – Kendari; and Kendari – Jakarta.

Once tested and proven, the service will be extended across the entire Batik Air Network.

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