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Did Someone Mention Tourism Targets?

Bali by the Numbers: May Foreign Tourist Arrivals down 8.08% as Chinese Traveler Decline

The State Statistic Agency in Bali (BPS-Bali) is reporting that foreign tourist arrivals to Bali declined 8.08 % in May 2019 as compared to May 2018.

Quoted by NusaBali, the head of BPS-Bali, Adi Nugroho, said on Monday, July 1, 2019; “We must receive the (current) situation happily. We are adhering to old targets. It’s time to review again either the tourism targets or obtain a strong understanding of the situation.”

BPS-Bali reports that 485,795 foreign tourists came to Bali in May 2019. This compares to the 538,510 foreign visitors recorded for the month of May 2018, meaning arrivals declined by 8.08%.

Nugroho explained: “The top five source of tourists coming to Bali in May 2019 where Australians (20.3% share), Chinese (19.24% share), Indian (7.95% share), U.S.A. (5.11% share) and U.K. (4.79% share).

Source of arrivals to Bali ranking #6 through #10 were: France (3.26% share), Japan (3.25% share), German (3.19% share), Malaysia (3.13% share), and South Korea (2.89% share).

Particularly noteworthy if that fact that Australian arrivals have reasserted their dominance among source markets for Bali, supplanting the Chinese market to second place.

According to BPS-Bali, the average occupancy of starred hotels in Bali during May 2019 reached 51.56%, down 8.77 points compared to average occupancy recorded in April 2019 when the average occupancy was 60.33%.

Average occupancy in starred hotels in May 2019 at 51.56% was down 15.99 points when compared to the average occupancy of 67.55% recorded in May 2018.

Average length-of-stay in starred hotels in May 2019 was 2.9 days, up slightly from the 2.77 days recorded in April 2019. May 2018 recorded an average length-of-stay in starred hotels in Bali of 2.74 days.

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