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Domestic Travelers Fail to Linger in Ubud, Bali

Ubud Busy with Domestic Day Trippers During Lebaran Holidays

Balipost.com reports that the Central Balinese Village of Ubud, despite being heavily visited by domestic passengers during the peak Lebaran Holiday period the popularity of the area for Indonesian tourists has had minimum impact on hotel occupancies, with locally-owned homestays saying their occupancies had become stagnant.

The chairman of the Ubud Home Stay Association (UHSA), Ida Bagus Wiryawan, said on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, that hotel occupancies over the holiday period were relatively low. Adding: “Occupancies through the middle of June are normal, but are not that high. On the average occupancies were between 60-70%, and did not touch 80%.”

Wiryawan said the large number of domestic tourists coming to Ubud over the Lebaran holidays were largely on day visits and did not overnight in the Ubud area, preferring accommodate in the lowlands closer to the beach.

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