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Fair Winds and Following Seas

Much-loved Bali Yachtsman Richard W. McCune Dies at 75 in the USA.

Balidiscovery.com has learned of the death of Richard W. “Dick” McCune in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday, August 18, 2019.

Dick McCune lived in Bali for a number of years where he operated the Royal Bali Yacht Club and provided assistance to passing yachts who made Bali a port of call.

Born and raised in Southern California, Dick McCune served in Vietnam during the Vietnam conflict before spending many years in senior leadership roles with Marriott in the USA and Asia. An avid yachtsman he sailed extensively on the US East Coast, the Caribbean, and through the Panama Canal to San Francisco. Later, he sailed the South Pacific, spending the winter in New Zealand before heading to Bali.

In Bali, Dick McCune co-founded the Royal Bali Yacht Club where he joined a successful effort to resurrect the Darwin - Ambon Yacht rally. After many years in Bali, he returned to the US to his home in Nogales, Arizona where he worked with local growers and farmers supporting the Nogales Mercado (Farmer’s market). With his love for the environment and passion for conservation, he spent time on the Board of the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance before finally “retiring” as a local Democratic Party volunteer encouraging local young adults to be involved in their community.

Dick will He be missed by many in both Bali and USA where he lived by the personal mantra: “Ya Makes Your Choices”

Richard W. McCune died in Tucson on Sunday, August 18th, 2019 at 76 years of age.

He is survived by wife Mary Darling, daughters Shirley McCune and Susan Vergano, son Steven McCune, and grandchildren - Maranda, Brendan, and Ryan

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