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Free Willy? Not in this Lifetime

Four Men Behind Akasaka Night Club Drug Bust in Bali Given Life Sentences on Appeal
Abdul Rahman Willy, also known as Willy Akasaka or Willy Bin Ng Leng Kong, the former general manager of the notorious Akasaka Night Club in downtown Denpasar, Bali has seen his original prison sentence of 20 years changed to life imprisonment on appeal to the Denpasar High Court.

Willy Akasaka (54) was earlier found guilty of possessing and trading in 19,000 ecstasy pills that was increased to life behind bars in an appeal decision handed down on Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

NusaBali reports that the Denpasar High Court confirmed the original finding of guilt again Willy Akasaka saying he was proven guilty of the sale and purchase of a Class I narcotic in excess of 5 grams.

Akasaka was also ordered by the court to also pay a fine of Rp. 2 billion.

Three other men listed as accomplices in the crime Dedi Setiawan alias Cipeng (51), Budi Liman Santoso (38), and Iskandar Halim alias Koi (31) also saw their original sentences of 20 years increased to life by the high court and fined Rp. 2 billion each.

The four men were all arrested in simultaneous sting raids conducted by the Indonesian police on July 5, 2017, during which the 19,000 ecstasy pills were seized as evidence.

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