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Beyond Bali: Policeman in Rote, NTT Puts a Smile on Indonesia’s Face

Sometimes it’s hard in Indonesia to find someone with a nice thing to say about an Indonesian policeman. Sadly, people line up to be next-in-line to tell their own, favorite sordid tale of a cop on the make or, at the very least, a man in uniform who failed to uphold the honor of the constabulary.

When it comes to dishing dirt on the cops, however, there’s a 69-year-old woman living on the remote island of Rote in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) who have no part of anyone disrespecting Indonesia’s law enforcement.

As reported by, Yuliana Lonak sat in the Southwest Rote Police Precinct Station on Sunday, May 12, 2019, crying uncontrollably while holding Community Outreach and Public Order officer (Bhabinkamtibmas) Police Brigadier Emanuel Londo in an emotional embrace.

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, a very emotionally distraught Yuliana came in tears to the police station to report the loss of her wallet containing the enormous sum of Rp. 5 million.

Upon hearing of the woman’s plight, Brigadier Emanuel gathered a group of fellow officers to go to the busy market and conduct a thorough search for the missing purse. A short time later, the well-organized search yielded results finding the woman’s wallet intact, without a single Rupiah missing.

Telephoning the police station and asking that Grandma Yuliana be asked to wait a short time while the search party made their way back to the precinct, they were soon able to personally place the wallet and the money back into her hands.

Overwhelmed with joy and disbelief, Oma Yuliana tried to give a cash reward to the policemen who came to her desperate assistance only to be told by all the officers involved that no cash rewards was wanted or would be accepted.

According to a police spokesman, Officer Emanuel explained to the startled woman that finding the money and returning it was just part of doing their job as a policeman. Upon hearing the young policeman’s words, Yuliana reportedly collapsed into tears, embracing her handsome knight in khaki brown.

The police officers told their immediate superior that they knew Rp. 5 million was an enormous amount of money for the old woman who earned her living by selling rice in the market, and all the modestly-paid policeman said they felt enormously blessed to have enough income to care and feed their own families, making the woman’s wish to pay a cash reward unnecessary.

The next time you’re in need of an “Indonesian Policeman” tale, share the story of Brigadier Emanuel and his colleagues in Rote and the day they came to Oma Yuliana Lonak’s assistance.

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