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Bali Guides Demand Prison Time for Illegal Mainland Chinese Tour Guide
Bali’s Mandarin speaking guides continue to protest the presence of illegal foreign guides working on the Island. After staging protest at the Kuta Police Precinct and the Bali House of Representatives, hundreds of members of the Indonesian Guide Association (HPI-Bali) and their supporters stage another demonstration in front of the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office demanding justice and a firm application of the law against those caught working illegally in Bali as tour guides.

As reported by, the latest protests organized under the banner of the Community of Warriors Concerned for Bali (Komunitas Pejuang Bali) took place on Monday, May 7, 2018, when hundreds unfurled banners in front of the immigration office located at Taman Mumbul Jimbaran. The protests were staged as the 3-month period of incarceration for a Mainland Chinese man caught working as a guide in Bali comes to an end. Yosua Michael Tjoeng (Wisnu) speaking at the demonstration rally said: “We do not wish that the individual named Li Huahui or Ahu be deported from Indonesia, Because if he is (only) deported, there will be a period (for his exclusion from Indonesia) and he will be able to return to Bali.”

The demonstrators listed a number of demands to be fulfilled by the government, including a demand that immigration officials resolve the problem once and for all by taking legal action against those said to be behind a recent attack on a licensed Mandarin-speaking tour guide.

The demonstrators demanded that those involved in the attack on a Bali HPI member be charged under the criminal code with crimes punishable by 5 years in prison and fines of Rp. 500 million.

Ironically, in the midst of the demonstration against illegal foreign workers in Bali, several leaders of the demonstration accompanied immigration officials to a monument park located directly across the road from the immigration office where several foreign photographers were engage in a pre-wedding shoots.

Meanwhile, the head of the immigration office, Amran Haris, told the press that the illegal Chinese guide, Ahui, would soon be deported and barred from entering Indonesia for at least 6 months, which, Haris explained, was the full extent of the punishment that could be meted out by the Immigration Office.

Immigration officials announced that four teams have been deployed to detect and take action against foreigners working illegally as guides.

Amran said that Ahui would be deported in the coming week, unless criminal assault charges were filed before his deportation that would then allow him to be tried on criminal charges and imprisoned if found guilty.

Image: Berita Dewata

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