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Bali Put on Highest Security Alert Following Bombing of Churches in East Java
Following the terrorist bombing of three churches in Surabaya on Sunday, May 13, 2018, Police in Bali and related security agencies have tightened security precautions island-wide. reports that the Bali Police Command has placed the island on a “Siaga Satu” alert level – the highest alert level since Friday, May 11, 2018, following violent rioting and a hostage situation at the Brimob Detention Center in Jakarta.

Following the Surabaya church bombings, security at church services, particularly in the southern region of the Bali was tightened. Police were also deployed in force at major tourist attractions. Police attending at the doors of churches in Bali are fully armed and wearing body armor.

The official spokesperson for the Bali Police, Hengky Widjaja, recommends that the people of Bali remain both calm and alert. For the time being, he also urged the public to reduce activities in public areas. Police are also calling on the public to contact the police immediately whenever they confront suspicious situations or people.

Police have increased patrols across the Island.

Travel Warnings

The Jakarta Post reports that while foreign governments have expressed condolences to the victims of the latest terror attacks no country has yet to issue an outright travel band to Indonesia.

The European Union is warning its citizens to remain cautious and avoid traveling to certain areas of Indonesia. The Australian Smartraveler website is advising its nationals to “exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia, including in Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta, because of the high threat of terrorist attack”.

The United Kingdom has noted that while most visits to Indonesia remain trouble free is urging UK citizens remain mindful of possible security threats.

Bali Air and Seaports Buttoned Down

Separately, NusaBali reports that the three main gateways to the Island – Ngurah Rai Airport, the Port of Gilimanuk, and the Port of Padang Bai – are now under tight security protocols to prevent the movement of terrorist elements into Bali.

100 additional security personnel drawn from the police, armed forces and intelligence agencies are now deployed at Ngurah Rai Airport.

Gilimanuk, Bali’s western seaport, went into a high state of alert with a large number of additional police on duty since last week following the takeover of the Brimob Detention Center in South Jakarta.

With the report of the bombings in Surabaya, an additional 120 police personnel from the Jembrana Police Precinct were immediately dispatched to the Port of Gilimanuk where thorough searches of arriving passengers and vehicles are now taking place.

A police spokesperson from Jembrana said police staffing at the port is now operating at a factor of 12 times normal levels.

Police are also on patrol at local fishing ports on Bali’s west coast to prevent surrepticious infiltration of terrorist elements.

Meanwhile, Bali’s eastern approach at the Port of Padang Bai is also now under intense security measures implemented by police and mobile brigade members. Police are verifying the personal identities, vehicle registrations, and goods moving in both directions between Bali and Lombok.

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