My Dog Ate My Passport!

Tourists with Damaged Passports May be Denied Boarding on Bali-Bound in Perth, Australia is warning Australian tourists heading to Bali that they could be denied boarding on their Bali-bound flights if their passport is tattered and torn.

Citing tighter restrictions and possible fines from Indonesian immigration officials, Australians with damaged passports are occasionally being denied boarding in Perth.

An incident occurred in November 2018 is being cited that saw a British couple who were turned away at the Bali immigration counter when a passport had been chewed by a household pet. Underlining the point, Indonesian officials are also said to be prepared to fine international airlines $5,000 if they board a passenger with a damaged passport in addition to sending the tourists back at the point of entry.

One Australian tourist told The West Australian that she and her traveling companion were denied boarding on Christmas Day on a Batik Air flight from Perth to Bali because the nine-year-old passport was “slightly damaged”.

When Batik Air staff in Perth sent an image of the subject passport to their office in Bali, the Bali airline staff considered it “too risky” to allow the passengers to board.

Batik Air in Perth told the woman that 20 passengers were denied boarding in Perth in a single month due to damaged passports.

AirAsia in Perth confirmed that tighter standards were being applied on damaged passports for passengers traveling to Indonesia.

Batik Air reportedly refused comment on the case.