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Sanur Vendors told to Vamos!

17 Beachside Vendors on Sanur Beach Evicted by Province to Make Way for Tourism Project

NusaBali reports that after being given a deadline of December 31, 2018 by the Provincial Government of Bali, Provincial Enforcement Officers (Satpol PP Provinsi Bali) moved in and destroyed 17 beachside vendor’s stands operating under the banner of Paguyuban Nedauh Mercure on Sanur Beach – not far from the Mercure Sanur Resort.

The wrecking team from Satpol PP moved in on the beach on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, at 10:00 AM - several days after issuing a final notice to the traders.

On demolition day, the kiosk owners offered no resistance when their stands sitting on 5,000 square meter of Provincial land were demolished. I Nyoman Gede Ary, representing the traders, calmly accepted the eviction that was warned in advance by provincial authorities. Ary asked the enforcement official if the traders might be allowed to move to government-owned land along a drainage ditch. That request was denied.

The demolition is a step by the government to allow the construction of a new tourism project on Sanur Beach by PT Sanur Hastra Mitra.

A female trader, Ida Ayu Ketut Sarini, told reporters that she had little choice but vacate the area she has used for the past 17 years. While the Government has offered an alternate location to trade on Padang Galak Beach, Sarini said the new area is very quiet and unlikely to provide a viable flow of customers. She suggested it might be better if the government provided financial compensation to permit her and other traders to find a new business location.

The location used by the kiosks is owned by the Province and has now been rented the to PT Sanur Hastra Mitra for the coming 25 years who plan to build a commercial beach walk in the area.