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Thou Shall Not Smoke at 30,000 Feet

Hong Kong Airline Passenger Detained Temporarily in Bali for in-flight Smoking

RadarBali.com reports that a Chinese tourist, Deng Ziqi (28), was temporarily detained upon arrival in Bali off a Hong Kong Airline flight on Friday, January 4, 2018.

Deng Ziqi was taken into custody after the cabin crew on the aircraft caught the him smoking in the business class section of the flight.

The passenger on Hong Kong Airline flight HX 707 was sitting in seat 12 G when a cabin crew member saw him smoking. He was advised that smoking is against the law and a threat to passenger safety. Den Ziqi immediately extinguished the cigarette and placed the cigarette in his trousers pocket. The crew then recounted the incident by radio to the Airline’s manager at the Bali Airport, Wayan Suwirja, who separated the man out of the arriving group for interrogation.

The passenger did not deny his violation of the rules and reportedly signed a statement asking forgiveness and promising to never smoke again on a Hong Kong Airline flight.

Deng Ziqi was eventually allowed to pass immigration and customs formalities and enter Bali.

Photo: Radar Bali