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Ubud Hotel Claims Sensory Degradation

Hotel North of Ubud Seeks Rp. 2.9 billion in Damages from Neighboring Pig Farmer

Bali Express reports that the owners of the Nandini Jungle Resort are making a legal stink about the stink permeating their Resort and Spa operation in Payangan, North of Ubud.

The company is seeking damages of Rp. 2.9 billion from a neighboring farmer whp operates a pig sty measuring  2 x 2 meters that is home to three pigs and is located just 7 meters from the hotel that operates an open terrace restaurant.

The first round in the legal proceeding were heard by presiding judge A.F.S. Dewantoro on Thursday, May 16, 2019, hearing the content of the civil complaint filed by the plaintiff - PT Nandini Bali. The response from the defendant is scheduled to be heard the following week.

The judge confirmed that he had already visited the hotel and the adjoining farm to confirm the facts of the case and the resulting aroma from the three pigs located just meters from the Resort’s Restaurant.

The restaurant is claiming before the court that they have been in operation since 2005 while the 2 x 2 meter pig sty was only installed in the last year.

The judge said that efforts to mediate the dispute have been unsuccessful. Guests are complaining about the resulting aroma from the pig pens, with some refusing to pay for their food and other refusing to even stay at the hotel. Unable to reach an agreement that protects their business, PT Nandini is seeking via a civil suit damages before the Gianyar Courts amounting to Rp. 2,909,437,320.

The next court session will accept evidence and testimony from the farmer who owns the pigs.

Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa

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