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When Your Vehicle Suddenly Goes Missing in Ubud

Police in Ubud Begin Hauling Away Illegally Parked Cars and Motorcycles.

Traffic police from Gianyar Regency and Police from the Ubud Precinct have introduced stricter enforcement against motorcycles illegally parked on the streets of Ubud. 

As reported by NusaBali, on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, between 9:00 am and 10:30 am, police enforced a crackdown on illegally parked motorcycles along Jalan Raya Simpang 4 Ambengan, Catus Pata Ubud, and Jalan Raya Hanoman in Ubud.

Laksmi Trisnadewi Wieryawan, an officer in charge of traffic enforcement for the Regency of Gianyar, on Thursday, February 13, 2020, said that police are taking stricter enforcement measures against illegally parked vehicles in Ubud on an almost daily basis. Enforcement officers now tackle vehicles parked illegally on sidewalks and the shoulder of roads that police cite as a significant cause of the chronic traffic congestion that afflicts Ubud. Most recently, police used open-back trucks into which they loaded illegally parked motorcycles and removed to a motor vehicle impound. 4-wheeled vehicles are also towed to the impound area. 

The strict enforcement of parking regulations in Ubud has caused some panic among vehicle owners who have suddenly found their motorcycles and cars missing from their original parking place.

Officer Laksmi said illegally parked vehicles are a leading cause of traffic congestion in Ubud. According to Laksmi, those electing to park illegally are from the general public, workers at local shops and businesses in Ubud, and tourists visiting the area. 

Police are hoping their stricter enforcement measures can be combined with a growing awareness on the part of the public to eliminate a large number of illegally parked vehicles found on Bali main streets. 


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