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Bali Update Edition# 1134, 28-May-2018

From Camel-land to Kiwi-land

Emirate Airlines Extends Daily Dubai Service to Include Extension to Auckland, New Zealand

Tokek, Tokek, OK, OK

Evidence of Gecko Killing Poisonous Green Viper in West Bali Home Warrants a Revaluation of Welcoming Geckos into your Home

A Room for the Race

Book Accommodation for Herbalife Bali International Triathlon October 21, 2018

Taste of Ayodya in Nusa Dua

5 Star Indonesian Resort in Nusa Dua Now a Destination for International Beachside Dining

Celebrating Basa Bali

Lontar Palm and Balinese Language Festival to Be Held in Karangasem in December 2018

For Those in Peril on the Straits

Bali – Java Straits Increasing Hazardous for Ferry Service

Business as Usual

Passenger Totals at Bali Ngurah Rai Airport at Normal Levels with Surge in Traffic Expected During Peak June Lebaran Travel Period

Got to Pick a Pocket or Two

Police Shoot Two Men Accused of Being Pickpockets in Kuta, Bali

Don’t be Misguided in Bali

Foreigners Found Working as Tour Guides Face Arrest and Deportation in Bali

Born Free

11 Wild Animals Returned to Nature in Bali’s Tabanan Regency

Porous Pipes

Water Supply to South Bali Suffers Significant Temporary Outage

Bali Zoo to the Rescue

Bali Zoo Comes to the Rescue of Endangered Animals

Empowering Police to Deal with the Bad Guys

Responding to Recent Terror Attacks, Indonesian Legislators Ratify Revised Anti-Terror Law that Will Increase Police Power in Fighting Extremists

Keeping Bali’s Air Gateway Balinese

Bali Legislators Call on Managers of Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport to Maintain a Distinctive Balinese Appearance

A Kite with a Mighty Kick

14-Year Old Bali Boy Seriously Injured in Kite Flying Incident

They Started a Joke That Left a Whole Nation Crying

Call for Prison Terms for Two Banyuwangi, East Java Legislators Who ‘Joked’ About Carrying a Bomb onto a Jakarta-Bound Flight

Support Bali’s Culture

Bale Banjar Culture Club Featuring Bali-Based Author Diana Darling on Sunday, June 10, 2018