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Bali Update #884 - August 12, 2013
The Need for a Hard-Headed Approach The Need for a Hard-Headed Approach
(8/9/2013) Editorial: Bali Update Appeals to Baliís Governor and Badung's Regent to Require Motorcyclists to Wear Helmets on Baliís New Toll Way
How to Obtain a Balinese Smile How to Obtain a Balinese Smile
(8/9/2013) BIMC Hospital Dental Center Provides World Class Care at Affordable Prices.
Peek-A-Boo Peek-A-Boo
(8/9/2013) After Long Delay, Police Begin Part-Time Operation of US$5.8 million in X-ray Surveillance Equipment at Baliís Two Main Seaports
The Road Less Traveled The Road Less Traveled
(8/9/2013) Trial Operations of Bali Toll Way to Go Ahead, But Presidential Inauguration on August 14th May be Postponed
Take Good Care of My Heart Take Good Care of My Heart
(8/9/2013) Baliís Sanglah General Hospital Opens a Coordinated Cardiac Care Center
Thereís a Summer Place Thereís a Summer Place
(8/9/2013) Summer Cho Joins Westin Resort Nusa Dua as Director of Sales and Marketing
A Place to Set the Jet Set's Jets A Place to Set the Jet Set's Jets
(8/9/2013) Bali Airport Certain They Can Handle Parking Requirements for VVIP Private Jets Coming to Bali for APEC Conference in October 2013
You Lift Me Up You Lift Me Up
(8/9/2013) Hard Rock Hotel Bali and Sole Men Raise US$30,300 to Re-house To Two Bali Families and Seven Badly Disabled Children
Tripping the Light Fantastic Tripping the Light Fantastic
(8/9/2013) Nyoman Sura Ė Baliís Internationally Renowned Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer Dead at 37.
In the Soup Because of Turtles In the Soup Because of Turtles
(8/9/2013) Police Arrest Men at Serangan Island in Bali with a cache of Turtles and Turtle Eggs
A Natural High A Natural High
(8/9/2013) Garuda Vindicates Expat Co-Pilot Accused of Narcotics Use
Bali Exports Decline 10.25% Bali Exports Decline 10.25%
(8/9/2013) Bali Exports for June Declined With Major Commodities Shipped Aboard Seafood, Jewelry and Gems
Sun Tzuís Rules of War Sun Tzuís Rules of War
(8/9/2013) Local Travel Agent Reports Manager and Owner of Feyloon Chinese Restaurant to Police for Physical Assault
(8/9/2013) Sanurís Contribution to Social, Cultural and Environmental Sustainability
Culture Immersion Culture Immersion
(8/9/2013) 31 Foreign Students Studying Gamelan and Dance at Bali Institute of Fine Arts (ISI)
The Marginalization of the Balinese The Marginalization of the Balinese
(8/8/2013) Bali Tourism Leaders Tells the Governor that Growth Must be Slowed as Carrying Capacity of the Island and its Culture Under Severe Strain
Infectionally Yours Infectionally Yours
(8/8/2013) Bali Has the Second Highest Rate of New HIV/AIDS Infections in Indonesia after Papua
Airing Baliís Dirty Laundry Airing Baliís Dirty Laundry
(8/8/2013) Widespread Money Laundering Blamed for Bali's Sky-High Property Prices
Bali Ė Accessible to All! Bali Ė Accessible to All!
(8/8/2013) Bali Discovery Tourís Assistance to Handicapped and Disabled Travelers.
Bali, Hi - Market on the Precipice Bali, Hi - Market on the Precipice
(8/8/2013) Martin Kelly of Give a Frank But Friendly Review of the State of Bali as a Holiday Destination
A Topic of Great Currency A Topic of Great Currency
(8/8/2013) Despite Slipping Value of Australian Dollar, Indonesia Remains Excellent Value for Australian Visitors
The Last Wave The Last Wave
(8/8/2013) New Zealand Surfing Icon Allan Bryne Dies in a Bali Hospital Following Motorcycle Mishap
Tipping Your Touche Blanc Tipping Your Touche Blanc
(8/7/2013) Giordano Faggioli Leaves the Kitchen to Direct Food & Beverage of Rimba Jimbaran Bali
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Mimpi Resort Menjangan
Mimpi Resort Menjangan
From 7/1/2014 to 8/30/2014 only
US$ 120! (US$ 129)
Hidden away on Bali's northwest opposite Menjangan Island and next to the Bali Barat National Park, the Mimpi Resort Menjangan.
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Serela Kuta
Serela Kuta
From 5/8/2014 to 12/21/2014 only
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Situated in the world-famous tourist attraction of Bali, Serela Kuta Bali Hotel is the first property under the management of KAGUM.
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AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
From 6/30/2014 to 9/15/2014 only
US$ 360! (US$ 420)
Named after a ‘place of refuge’ in Sanskrit, AYANA is perched on limestone cliffs up to 30 meters above the Indian Ocean near Jimbaran Bay on Bali’s southwestern peninsula.
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Grand Inna Kuta
Grand Inna Kuta
From 3/10/2014 to 10/31/2014 only
US$ 100! (US$ 120)
Grand Inna Kuta is one of only few Beachfront hotel. Best Value on the Kuta Beach Bali, one of only a few Beachfront hotel situated adjacent to the Kuta Art Markets
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Uma by COMO
Uma by COMO
From 7/24/2014 to 9/15/2014 only
US$ 300! (US$ 318)
Uma Ubud is located in the centre of Bali.The island is divided by a volcanic mountain chain which separates the quiet north, where the foothills fall into the Bali Sea
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Hard Rock Hotel
Hard Rock Hotel
From 7/1/2014 to 9/30/2014 only
US$ 210! (US$ 414)
Hard Rock Hotel in Bali is a remarkable hotel set along the shores of Kuta Beach.
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