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Bali Update #935 - August 04, 2014
The Fruit of our Labors The Fruit of our Labors
(8/3/2014) Provinces Considers Requiring the Use of Local Fruits in Bali Hotels and Hindu Religious Ceremonies
The Road Less Traveled The Road Less Traveled
(8/3/2014) Bali Toll Way Seeks Higher Traffic Volumes
Hospitality Golf Party Hospitality Golf Party
(8/3/2014) Bali National Golf Club Presents a Day of Golf for Travel Industry Members
The Battle for Bali The Battle for Bali
(8/3/2014) Australia’s SBS TV Explores Development Strain in Bali
Fill in the Blanks Fill in the Blanks
(8/3/2014) Details Emerge of Plans by PT Tirta Wahana Bali International to Reclaim 910 hectares of Benoa Bay
Tektok, Who’s There? Tektok, Who’s There?
(8/3/2014) Spectacular Dance Performance Presented Four Nights Per Week at Bali Culture Center in Nyuh Kuning, Ubud
5 Months Awaiting Trial 5 Months Awaiting Trial
(8/3/2014) Balinese Cruise Line Steward Spends 5 Months in a Florida Jail Awaiting Trial for Rape and Attempted Murder on Holland America Cruise Ship
Keeping Official Travel Economical Keeping Official Travel Economical
(8/3/2014) Provincial Government Orders all Air Tickets for Official Travel be Purchased Directly from the Airlines
Narcotics Warning Narcotics Warning
(8/3/2014) Bali Anti-Narcotic Officers Warn of New Drugs Appearing on the Illicit Narcotics Market
Visitors More Welcome than New Residents Visitors More Welcome than New Residents
(8/3/2014) Bali Screens Island Newcomers Arriving at the Port of Benoa
Bali is a Bargain Bali is a Bargain
(8/2/2014) Malaysia Star Lists Bali Among Ten Cheapest Places to Go in 2014
Bejeweled Bali Bejeweled Bali
(8/2/2014) Bali’s John Hardy Acquired by Catterton Partners
Going Ape Wild in Bali Going Ape Wild in Bali
(8/2/2014) Surge of Monkey Attacks at East Bali Religious Site See Canadian Backpacker Bitten
How Do You Plead? How Do You Plead?
(8/2/2014) Trial of Men Charged in Murder of American Paul Latourell Commences in Bali
A Limited Welcome A Limited Welcome
(8/2/2014) Bali Lawmaker Calls on Authorities to Keep Track of Newcomers Expect in Post-Lebaran Period
Bali Adds More China Flights Bali Adds More China Flights
(8/1/2014) Citilink Commences Limited Season of Charter Flights from Bali to China
Straight Talk on HIV/AIDS Straight Talk on HIV/AIDS
(8/1/2014) Bali Governor Renews Call for Closure of Island’s Backstreet Cafes
Tell Bali, Jackie Chan Sent Us Tell Bali, Jackie Chan Sent Us
(8/1/2014) Jackie Chan Appointed as Indonesian Tourism Ambassador
Preying on Travelers Preying on Travelers
(8/1/2014) Touts and Uniformed Extortionists Rounded Up at Jakarta Airport
Deadly Kids' Play Deadly Kids' Play
(8/1/2014) Death Toll of Underage Drivers Continues to Climb
Bali News by Bali Update
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