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Bali Offers Drive-Thru COVID Vaccinations

Bali Offers Drive-Thru Vaccination for COVID-19

To accelerate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Bali, Island residents will soon have the option of receiving their injection in a “drive-thru” facility. and the State News Agency Antara report Sandiago Uno, Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and the Creative Economic, personally inspected a drive-thru inoculation station in Kuta. Bali, on Thursday, 25 February 2021.

Following the successful “drive-thru” format for administering coronavirus vaccine in the USA in locales that include Disney Parks in Florida and California, the Indonesian Tourism Minister said the drive-thru approach would now be trialed in Indonesia and modified to adapt to Indonesian conditions. He added that the drive-thru inoculation center would become operational very soon.

The Tourism Minister said the vaccination process in Bali would be adapted in Bali to include a 30-minute “observation process” by altering the “drive-thru” process to a “park and inject approach.”

Indonesian medical authorities have recommended that those seeking vaccination be required to park their vehicles, get inoculated, and then wait for at least 30-minutes to ensure there is no adverse reaction to the shot.

In visiting the site on Jalan Kartika Plaza in Bali, Minister Sandiaga concluded that the area selected for the drive-through inoculation was sufficiently wide to handle a large number of arriving and departing cars.

The Minister said that following a successful trial in Bali, similar programs could be introduced nationwide to speed the distribution of vaccines.

Meanwhile, Waterbom Park’s CEO in Bali, Sayan Guilino, confirmed his company had offered their large parking area for use in the drive-thru vaccination program. Gulino said Bali’s current situation has saddened his team and prompted them to do whatever they could to help. He noted that Waterbom Park was strategically located close to hospitals and the Island’s airport.

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