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Bali Senator Dismissed for Hate Speech 

The Regional Representative Council (DPD-RI-Bali) – one of two national parliamentary chambers – is preparing to remove the name of Balinese Senator Arya Wedakarna as an active parliamentarian.

As reported by Nusa Bali, The DPD RI Honorary Board (Badan Kehormatan)  decided to dismiss DPD RI Member from Bali, Shri I Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna Mahendradatta Wedasteraputra Suyasa III (Arya Wedakarna) as Member of DPD RI. Made Mangku Pastika,

The Deputy Chairman of the BK read the dismissal decree during a DPD RI Plenary Session held in Jakarta on Friday, 02 February 2024.

Mangku Pastika explained that the decision was taken because of widespread public complaints regarding alleged violations of the rules and code of ethics by Arya Wedakarna regarding acts of hate speech and insults committed by the Senator towards a group of non-Balinese working at Bali’s Airport.

Based on the bylaws and regulations of the DPD, it was determined that the outspoken Dr. Sri IGN Arya Wedakarna, who represents Bali, was proven to have violated a pledge to honor the rules of the DPD RI that carry heavy sanctions, including permanent dismissal as a Member of the DPD RI.

When the verdict was read, Arya Wedakarna did not attend the Plenary Session. Contacted separately, Wedakarma did not confirm if he would legally challenge his dismissal but only commented that he felt no shame at being accused in connection with his firing in connection with a vociferous defense of Balinese culture. Adding a short message: “The point is, I’m not ashamed of being fired from the DPD RI because of the MUI report. What I defended was Balinese Hinduism.” 

The decision to dismiss the legislator will be forwarded to the President for final ratification.

Meanwhile, police are on standby in anticipation of possible public protest in support of Arya Wedakarna, a member of the DPD RI for two terms and the recipient of the highest number of votes in Bali in the 2019 Election, when he received 742,000 votes.

It remains unclear if Arya Wedakarna’s candidacy in the 2024 DPD election will be invalidated by his dismissal. 

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