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Bars & Restaurants Not Obeying the Rules

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment and COVID-19 Czar, has lamented the high number of health protocol violations at tourism attractions and nightspots in Bandung and Bali.

During an online press conference held on Monday, 08 November 2021, Luhut confirmed that he has dispatched a team to supervise the implementation of health protocols in Bali and Bandung, West Java.

Quoted by, Luhut said: “In our investigations, we discovered that health protocols were being carried out correctly in shopping centers and malls. The PeduliLindungi application is strictly applied for people visiting malls where using face masks and opening hours confirm to the official rules.”

Meanwhile, the Minister commented that at tourism destinations, the enforcement of physical distancing rules remains weak. There were many places where the PeduliLindungi application was being scanned on only a few representatives of visitors.

“These facts will certainly be evaluated and discussed further with all stakeholders in the respective regions (where violations are occurring),” said Luhut.

Many Bali Restaurants and Nightspots Ignoring the Rules

Luhut complained that many violations in health protocols were found mainly in restaurants and beach clubs in the Province of Bali. 

He said Beach Clubs and Bars were operating without limitations on capacity, no physical distancing enforcement, and no enforcement of the laws surrounding health protocols. He also noted that little force is being exerted to scan QR Codes when entering a business using the PeduliLindungi Application.

Indonesia’s COVID-19 Czar asked that regional government bodies take a more active and forceful role in taking action against those who violate the rules and require all businesses to install and use a QR Code ready for scanning at their entrances.

Following instructions issued by President Joko Widodo, Luhut said that venues to be used in connection with the G20 Summit in November 2022 will undergo sterilization commencing now.

Not only in Bali, but Luhut’s team also observed bars and nightspots in Bandung, West Java, operating outside the health protocol rules and regulations. Violations include:

Luhut’s team discovered businesses trying to avoid enforcement of health protocols by turning off lights at the front of their places of business, using parking lots far removed from their businesses, and forbidding guests from taking pictures or making videos.

Minister Luhut added: “We understand, truly understand that all are getting bored (with health protocols). But, in any case, we must be careful because nobody wants to see the third wave of infections take place.”

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