Brisbane-bound Bogans Bounced by Jetstar

JQ58 – a Jetstar Australia flight from Bali to Brisbane on Friday, 28 April 2023, was at risk of making an unscheduled emergency landing following an altercation between three Australian passengers two hours after departing the Island.

As reported by and Australia’s 9News, passengers on board the flight heard a woman repeatedly screaming, “Stop!”

Eventually, the crew was compelled to intervene with the pilot threatening over the public address system to make an emergency landing if the passenger uproar did not immediately end.

Jetstar Australia’s Captain admonished the unruly passengers, warning that violence and disruption to passenger safety and enjoyment would not be tolerated.

Separately, a Jetstar spokesperson said: “We acknowledge this would have been a very distressing experience for other customers and are reaching out to those sitting nearby. This was also an extremely tough situation for our crew, and we’re providing support to them.” Adding, “The welfare of our passengers and crew is always our number one priority.”‘

When the flight landed in Brisbane, Australian Federal Police escorted the three passengers involved in the onboard disturbance, including a shirtless man, off the airplane.

During the flight, the airplane’s crew placed the trio of troublemakers in distanced, separate seating to end the fights for the remainder of the flight.

Earlier, the heavily tattooed man involved in the onboard altercation was singled out in the boarding process in Bali for being shirtless and only wearing a skimpy pair of green shorts. Ground staff required the man to wear a shirt to be given a seat.

While Australian authorities continue to investigate the incident, no arrests have been made. The three passengers have been temporarily banned from flying on Jetstar and Qantas. Jeered by passengers as the three were escorted off the plane by police, the female team member was photographed pausing to deliver an obscene “middle-finger” salute and utter an expletive to the seated passengers.

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