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DPRD-Bali: Crack Down on Unruly Visitors reports that the Provincial House of Representative (DPRD-Bali) is asking Governor Wayan Koster to take stern action against foreign tourists misbehaving during their Island holiday.

In self-defense, Governor I Wayan Koster insists he is acting resolutely towards misbehaving foreign visitors. Koster thanked the Chief of the Bali Police, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and island stakeholders for their continuing faith in how he conducts his office. “We continue to progress; we will discipline foreign tourists who fail to act in an orderly fashion. 101 tourists have been deported from Bali since January 2023, 27 of whom were Russian nationals,” said Governor Koster.

Bali Governor I Wayan Koster

The Governor explained to Provincial legislators that many foreign tourists come to Bali because of the Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) facility. His outstanding request to curtail the VoA facility for Ukrainians and Russian is still “under review” by the Central Government in Jakarta. Koster said controlling tourist numbers creates a conflict of purpose between fundamental national interests and legal responsibilities. 

Meanwhile, the Governor noted that his request for a curtailment of the VoA facility was still under consideration. Adding: “We have been in contact with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumkan) and are still in discussion with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Even though it has been proposed that the VoA be withdrawn for only Russia and Ukraine, all other countries are also undergoing evaluation. So, it’s not just those two countries,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Gede Kusuma Putra, the coordinator of a 2022 Survey Team (LKPJ) for the Province of Bali, has made several recommendations to the Governor. Those recommendations include steps to handle foreign visitors who disrupt the Island’s infrastructure and public order that threaten Bali’s tourism sector, foundations of tradition, tribal custom, religion, art and culture, and matters related to local wisdom.

“Roadways that are damaged are the responsibility of the Provincial Government of Bali and have been singled out for proper handling,” said Kusuma Putra in his report to the DPRD-Bali and the Governor of Bali covering 2022 presented to the DPRD-Bali on Tuesday, 02 May 2023.

The Governor assured the legislature that damaged provincial roads are receiving his attention. In addition, the problem of traffic jams and congestion surrounding the Sanur Port Terminal has been referred for handling by the Governor to the Department of Public Works and Public Housing, the Department of Transportation, and the Deputy Mayor of Denpasar.

Continuing, the Governor said: “The affected roadway is only around one kilometer in length, but we must secure the use of land now in private hands (to create parking areas). I have asked the Deputy-mayor to contact those who own the land and persuade them to “donate” their lands. In principle, the parking arrangement can be quickly created after securing suitable land,” said Koster.

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