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Free-Flow System for Bali Tollway Delayed

Plans to introduce the Multi-Lane Free Flow Toll Collection System (MLFF) on 01 June 2023 have been indefinitely postponed.

PT Roatex Indonesia Toll System (RITS) is the company appointed to introduce the new toll collection method that allows vehicles with prepaid tolls to pass the toll booth area directly without coming to a halt. The President Director of RITS, Musfihin Dahlan, told the State News Agency Antara on 30 May 2023: “While the trial period of the MLFF was supposed to start on 01 June 2023. We, as operators, apologize to the public and the government of Indonesia that the trial operation cannot yet take place.”

He explained the delay, saying the enabling technology for the MLFF is unable to meet the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) agreed with the government “The main point is that the system must be able to guarantee that 100% of the toll income is rendered to the Toll Road Operator,” Dahlan added. “The main contractor of the MLFF system, Hongaria Multi Contract Zrt, has been unable to achieve the stated KPIs.”

Dahlan said that while the system may work to the acceptable standards of Hungary, they still need to be up to the agreed standards of Indonesia.

Dahlan continued: “The main basic difference is in Hungary, the tolls collected by Hongaria Multi Contract Zrt are under the direct control and supervision of the government. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s actual toll road operator is a private company who has invested and built the roadway.”

The current difficulties have been reported to the government, RITS, and the toll road operator. RITS desires to eventually hand over a complete and perfectly operating system to the toll operator,

“Until now, we have not received the repository and source code from Hongaria as the system developer,” said Dahlan. These codes are necessary for the new system to be operated and controlled by the toll operator in Indonesia. 

The plans to begin test operations of the new MLFF system for eventual nationwide use were to occur on the Bali Mandara Toll Road commencing on 01 June 2023. 

No new Target date for the trial of the new toll system has been announced.

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