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As reported by, Indonesia has experienced a dramatic increase in tourist arrivals, average length of stay, and online bookings. Indonesian hotels are performing above par when compared to the global hotel marketplace.

The recently published SiteMinder Hotel Booking Trends report stated that the number of international visitors increased as a percentage of all hotel arrivals in Indonesia. Global travelers generated as many as 86 percent of hotel arrivals in 2023, jumping 77 percent in 2022 and 33 percent in 2021 during the rebound from COVID-19. The Siteminder report is based on an analysis of more than 115 million 2023 accommodation reservations worldwide. 

SiteMinder’s report on Hotel Booking Trends is based on data from the world’s largest hotel booking site. The report states that the average booking periods grew by 55 percent due to the acceleration of international bookings and growing bookings from Australia, England, and the United States. The average booking increased to 29 days, up from 11 in 2021. 

The study found that Indonesian visitors stay at Indonesian properties longer than the global average in 2023—about one in four stayed for three nights or more. The day before New Year’s Eve, 30 December 2023, is typically the busiest booking day for the Indonesian accommodation industry. Bradley Haines, market vice president for SiteMinder Asia Pacific, insists that tourist confidence in Indonesia increased via global bookings.

“Tourism, especially international tourism to Indonesia, has increased rapidly in 2023. Tourists have regained their confidence and are planning longer stays than average and booking earlier to get the best accommodation deals,” said Bradley on 05 February 2024.

The top booking sources in 2023 based on total revenue generated by the SiteMinder platform are:

While commenting that traditional tourism trends are on the rebound in Indonesia, visitor behavior has also changed. “For local properties, this may be seen in how travelers book rooms in 2023,” added Bradley. 

Bookings via hotel websites rose to the top spot as a revenue-generating channel for local hotels last year, indicating that visitors feel more comfortable booking stays via local websites. The growth in Luxury Escape Booking shows the desire among many tourists to get package deals in the current economic conditions. “Along with the diversity of guest types and preferences, hoteliers must remain dynamic in running their business and be more strategic in marketing and selling rooms online,” he concluded.

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