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Koster Firm in Rejecting Israeli Athletes has published a stinging rebuke by Satya Wibhawa, a leading sports expert in Bali, criticizing Bali Governor Wayan Koster’s handling of the ANOC World Beach Games scheduled for Bali in August 2023.

Satya Wibhawa says that Koster was imprudent in signing agreements for sporting events destined for Bali. The Governor’s lack of sufficient caution has brought consequences that have damaged the image of Bali as a global tourism destination.

“Bali’s Governor needs to be more careful and carefully read any document and understand who will participate before signing any event agreement,” said Wibhawa on Thursday, 14 April 2023. Koster’s current predicament mirrors the Governor’s refusal to host the U-20 World Cup in Bali. 

Satya urged Governor Koster to be less egotistical in making important decisions, especially when trying to create a positive image for his political party. Cynically adding: “What is even more important, always separate sports and political aspiration.”

Earlier, Wayan Koster stated that he continues to reject Israel’s participation in the World Beach Games in Bali, claiming his refusal is in keeping with the Indonesian Constitution. Furthermore, he points to regulations from the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs that prohibit the display of the Israeli flag and the performance of that nation’s national anthem. 

The Governor added: “So I still reject Israel’s presence in Bali, including at the upcoming ANOC World Beach Games.” 

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