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Malaysian Facing 8 Yrs for Ganja Possession

While the criminalization of the use of marijuana is being relaxed in neighboring states, such as Thailand, there should be no doubt that harsh penalties still await those involved in the use and commerce of ganja in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. reports that a 31-year-old Malaysian Sulkipli Bin Nyompa has heard State Prosecutors demand eight years imprisonment for attempting to smuggle dry cannabis leaves and cannabis oil from Thailand to Bali.

Sulkipli’s attorney, Lukman Hakim, told the press on 03 June 2024: “The sentence has been forwarded to Public Prosecutors. A sentence demand of 8 years has been issued against the accused Malaysian Sulkipli together with a fine of Rp. one billion that, if unpaid, will add a further ten months to the prison sentence.”

Prosecutors have told the panel of judges that the Malaysian had been proven guilty before the Court of a narcotics violation of the Indonesian Criminal Code KUHP Section 113 paragraph 1 of Anti Narcotics Laws Number 35 of 2009.

Sukipli departed Bangkok, Thailand, on 18 November 2023, destined for Denpasar carrying dry cannabis and cannabis oil. Several days before his departure, the accused purchased dry marijuana and cannabis oil (delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol) for his personal use and for sharing with friends and colleagues in Bali. The man flew on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH715 from Bangkok on 18 November 2023, which landed at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport at 1:45 pm.

When Sukipli disembarked MH715 with his luggage and carry-on, port officials detected suspicious content in his baggage following an x-ray examination. A closer examination by Customs and Excise Officials discovered tens of plastic clips holding 254.71 grams (gross) or 122.04 grams (net) of cannabis.

Later, on 24 November 2023, a friend from Thailand sent two additional packets of marijuana to  Sulkipli in Bali containing another 214.42 grams of marijuana.

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