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Sanur Raya No. 27
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai,
Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

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List News
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News Title
Bali to Give Public Busses the Boot?
Tragic Last Ditch
Rear End, Dead End
Drowning off Nua Dua
Cambodian Food Comes to Bali
Accidentally Prepared
Rabies on the Decline in Bali
Kings of the Road
Paradise as a Parking Lot?
Come Out Swinging in Five Years
Timetable Set for Election Process
Attacking the Hand that Fed Him
In Sickness and in Health
Happy Yoga Ė Pranayama Dasar
Signing Off
Took This You Dirty Rat?
A Stunning Dinner on the Move
Territorial Dispute
Qatar Airways Three Times a Day to Bali
Swinging for Charities
Strong Start for Foreign Arrival Figures for 2017
What? Fore!
Statuary Reef
Bali: Just Too Many Rooms
For Your Bali Shopping List
Fugitive Criminal Seeking an Escape
Kartini Hangs Ten
Telling Bali Youíre the Best
Keeping a Closer Eye of Foreign Visitors
Contraband Ė Smashed and Burned
When the Spirit Moves You
A Pungent Peak
Itís the Only Earth We Have
Run Way Imagination
Beirut by the Bottle
A Toke Too Far from Home
Making a Mountain into a Landfill
Tragedy Narrowly Averted in North Bali
The Seven Fountains of Denpasar
Nusa Penida Road Accident
Snatch a Purse, Prepare for the Worse!
Protecting the Protectors
Kuala Lumpurís Man in Bali
Bali as a Cruise Center
Wasted on Arrival and Thereafter
Garuda Indonesia Ė Among the Worldís Best
Busses Going Bust
A Submerged Society
Indonesiaís Prisons Bursting at the Seams
Terrified on the Terraces
What Drives Plans to Curtail Visa Free Policy?
Mrs Sippy Comes to Bali
Fountain of Death
Garuda CEO Arif Wibowo Gets the Boot
Tabanan as the ĎNext Kutaí
Blokes? Fair Dinkum?
Driven to Demonstrate
Ready for Take-Off
Where to Park our Planes?
Too Dumb to Fly
When Turtles Face Hurdles
Fare and Unfair
Bad Fuel Economy
Jazz is in the Air in Sanur
Now Donít Hear This!
Underpass Construction at Bali Airport to Begin Mid-Year
Dependent by Design
Dubai Dubai Do!
Food Fit for a Royal Kingdom
We Will Remember Them
Kids Who Read
Who Checks the Chinese Checkers?
Wet and Dry
Inspect Your Gadget
A Motherís Love
Sky High Positions for Women
Crustacean Conservation
Tragic End to School Outing
Pick Pocketing's Deadly Domino Effect
A Change in Dynasty
Put This on Your Bali ĎIce' Bucket-List
Clogged Drains Cause Kuta, Bali Flooding
New Man in Charge at Citilink Indonesia
Death Due to Consumption
The Echo of Success!
Crossing Your Tees for Charity
After the Parade, the Clean Up
Not on Our Island
Nyepi for the World
It Pays to Advertise
A Shrinking Island?
Mad Dog in the Mid-Day Sun
You Canít Quench When There's a Stench
Balinese Lip Service
Guilianoís Fatal KO
No Crisis for Devices
How to Ruin a Beach Holiday
A Devilís Island on an Island in Paradise
Cheap Flights Between Bali and Tokyo
New Parking Tariff at Bali Airport Effective April 1, 2017
Bad Chemistry
Communicating Success in Nusa Dua
To Reign Over Repast
North-South Toll Road for Bali a Non-Starter?
Promising to be ĎBiglyí Obedient
Counting the Cracks
The Tip of the Tipping Iceberg?
Bali Named the Best, Again
Four-Day Search Ends
Motorcycles Welcome at Bali Airport
After the Silence, a Big Wet Kiss
No Right to Bear Arms in Paradise
On the Road to Nowhere
No Landings. No Take-offs
A Moving Experience
In the Event of a Sudden Loss . . .
A Silent Night Before a Silent Day?
Weddings that Stop Traffic
All Inclusively Including Lombok
Things Going Dramatically for Jeremy
Crossing the Bridge of Love at Nusa Penida
Did You Feel It?
Keeping the Peace and Quiet
Punishing the Worker, Not the Boss
Peace Through Scientific Sharing
Sadness Before the Falls
Royal Wardrobe
Protesting Online Transport in Bali
Bali Holiday Takes a Death
Old Story. Oldest Profession.
Sudikerta Named Golkarís Man for Bali?
Reassigned Serpentine
The Heart of Darkness
Travel on Balance
Morbidly Overweight
Will Noble Caledonia Act with Nobility?
Trumped Up Prices
Going the Distance
It Pays to Explore the Rest of Indonesia
Indonesia as a Pluralistic Society
Chinese Tourist Dies at Nusa Penida
Bali Will Miss Pak Scotty
Reclaiming Sanity
Baliís Green Zones
A Shining Example
Bringing a Reef to Grief
Royal Spending
Human Pollution at the Port of Benoa
A Smokeless Walk in the Park in Bali
Keeping Up with Down Under
Bali to Soar in September 2018
I Started a Joke . . .
A Fox Set Free
A Place to Stay Quiet
ĎTill Kingdom Come
Order Your Pork Well Done!
Health in Baliís Hills
Round and Round and Where they Go
Bali Update at 19
Saudi King Extends Bali Stay
Stop the Rot!
Where Royalty Rest Their Heads in Bali
The King has Landed
Making Up the Rules as You Go Along
Bad Luck of the Irish
Sinful Slaughter
Love, Match, Game
A Future Drawn in Charcoal
Drowning in a Sea of Garbage
A Brazilian Beat in Nusa Dua
6 Million Foreign Tourists to Bali in 2017?
Nusa Dua Gets a Royal Warrant
Short Stay and Low Spend, But in Great Numbers
Horse on Fire
With This and That, I Do Wed
Law Enforcement is the Key
Uninspired Environmental Destruction
Seeing Stars in Bali
A Bali Adventure in Compassion
Power Sharing
Nothing Above a Whisper, Please
A Death Unexpected
Tax as a Target
Close Every Door to Me
Connecting Communities Through Film
Royals to Annoy All in Bali?
When Your Girdle is Killing You
Grenier Prefers Greener
Take it to the Bank
Massive Monarchial Movement
Rp. 16 Million = 5 Years of Jail Time
Prepared for Tourism Takeoff
A Night for the Birds
Giving Busses the Business in Bali
Chinese Checkers Wanted
Czech Out
Hilltop Thievery
Feeling Ambivalent in Both Directions
Uber Doing It!
Farewell, Ibu Nelly
Japanese Beneficence
Is the Stork a Blue Bird?
Footloose in Ubud
Pan Pacific Nirwana to Close July 31st.
In Search of Origins
The Strange Tales of Hoffman
Bringing Tana Toraja Closer to Bali
The Snail Pace of Progress at Tanah Lot
In Search of a New Home
Weíre the Best
Beware of Strong Currents
Half-Million Missing Tourists
The Race Got Washed Out
Fallen Family Tree
Hostility Towards Hostels in Ubud, Bali
Bedugul Botanical Gardens Closes Again
Is Bali Ungovernable?
Sunday Convulsions
Pupuan is Passable
Once Bitten, Long Regretted
Wouldnít it be Lovely?
Ending a Tragic Shell Game in Bali
Unfinished Business with a Finnish Female
Baliís Diminishing Role as an International Air Gateway
Garuda to Axe Agent Commissions
Bali Hotels with Heart
Branding the Sacred and Profane
Missing Korean in Kuta
Taking a Bashing at the Baths
Roads Less Traveled Because of Mud
Taps for your Tap?
13 Deaths in Bangli
Under Arrest
Bali Police HQ on Security Lock Down
Lost at Sea
Death at Batu Bolong
This is War!
Have You Been Warned?
News that Bites
Ignoring the Background Static
Tumpek Landep Celebrations
Magical Artistry Unseated
Armed and Dangerous
The Ruining of the Bull
Supreme Auditor Boards to Meet in Bali
The Shifting Sands of Baliís Kuta Beach
Declaring Yourself Extinct
Convoy of Culinary Conveyances
Weather Warning
Raising a Glass to a Better Tomorrow
Bad Weather Disrupts Bali Flights
The Case of the Missing Case
Bailer Meets Jailer
A Celebration Of Love
Bali Safari Park to Make a Splash in 2017
Bring Him Home
Gong-Sshee Faa-tseye
Stop Giving Indian Tourists the Run Around
Please Donít Feed The Monkeys
A Driving Lesson Gone Bad
Murder in West Bali
The Show Must Not Go On!
Brother Can You Spare Me a Rupiah?
A Market for Art
Talamonti, Tell Everyone!
Flippiní Hell
When the Fishing Fleet Overheats
Itís a Rainforest Out There!
English Spoken Here
Return to Bali Base
The Race to Peace
Shattering the Glass Ceiling
You Take the High Road and Iíll Take the Low Road
Whale Ahoy!
Protest at Air Force Involvement in Domestic Affairs
2016: Bali by the Numbers
Death on the Centerline
Taking a Stand on Power
Art Over Wheels
Trans National Crime Stops Here!
Park and Tow
First Rabies Cases of 2017 in Bali
Lost in Paradise?
Bali Leads Indonesian Tourism
Dolphins as Hostages
Caught in the Act
Charity on Wheels
Due for an Extended Absence from Bali
Every Flavor is a Story
More Rooms in Jimbaran
The Middle Kingdom is Coming
Water, Women and Children
Have you Seen this Couple?
Tiger Back from Brink
Turbulence Ahead?
Conduct Unbecoming an Officer
The Pleasing Bouquet of Lingerie
Seeking Approbation
In Support of Underground Movement
Chinese New Year Rush Bound for Bali
Oh, Deer!
Qui Moi?
An Endangered Tiger
This is a Steak Out!
Advance Australia Fairway!
Starling, Starling Night
The Last Bite
A Park at its Peak of Popularity
Improvements Planned for Bali Airport in 2017
Game Changers, Name Changers
A Yen for Thievery
Managing Sky High Growth
Itís ĎHighí Time
When the Heavens Open Up Over Sanur
Brought to Grief by Baliís Reef
Japanese Know-How to Eliminate Rabies
An Endangered Turtle
Curbing Kutaís Criminality
Swiss-style Hospitality Comes to Bali
An Eye for an Eye?
More Demos to Come?
Tigerair Suspends Bali Flights
A Shortage of Ships
Sorting out the Chaos of Ubud
Police Evict Villagers on Serangan Island
Please Donít Beat the Kiddies!
The Final Word?
RIP Dewa Ngakan Made Ari Setya Laksana
Dallying No More with Dalimore
Vines in Decline
North Bali in Demand for Cruise Ship Visits
Level 21 Mall Ė A Criminal Matter?
He Sang a Song of Bali
A Chiefly Welcome to Bali
A Garlanded Linda Garland
Wally Gator, Macerator
A Leap of Despair
Lingering Less Longer in Bali
A New Gateway to West Bali?
An Unholy Trinity
Captain Tekad's Wings Gets Clipped
Spice of Life Now Costs Much More in Bali
A Career in Crime Cut Short
The Isle of Dogs
Come to a Garden Party
Don't Confuse Tourists with Illegal Foreign Workers
At the Zoo
Largely Pain-Free Delivery of 2017
Youíve Got a Ticket to Ride
Restoring Sanctity to Baliís Mother Temple
25% More Tourists in 2017?
This is Your Captain Slurring
Lumba Lumba ala Sumba
Midnight Swim Gone Wrong
Not Reclamation, Really
Death, Where is Thy Sting?
RIP: Oscar Feryanto 1986-2016
No Working on Your Indonesian Holiday!
Suspending Belief
Get on the Bus, Gus!
Crime on the Run in Bali?
Lost in the Line of Duty
A Blast from the Past to Present
Oh Tannebaum, Oh Tannebaum
Oh, Come All Ye Faithful
Performing Above the Average
More Domestic and International Christmas Visitors
An Unending Saga
Christmas is for Children
Working Holidays Not Allowed
The Blind Shall See, The Deaf Shall Hear
Floods and Sludge Close Bedugul Gardens
Welcoming the Prince of Peace
A Google Guide to Bali
Your Jobs are Safe
The Beauties and the Beasts
End 2016 in High Style
Detonation Denied
Rehearsal Dinner for New Yearís Eve
Selecting Tourism's Winners
At Your Full Service
ĎTis the Season to be Hati-Hati
Bali Triathlon Named the Best
More Flights for the Holidays in Bali
Gator Ė Aide?
Pumped Up
New Faces in Your Wallet
Bali Airport: Online Transport Not Welcome
Ji at Bale Sutra 1706
An Electrifying Night
Cases of DBD Rising at a Fever Pitch
An Uproar on Baliís North Shore
Silent Nights & Days
Tempestuous Theatrics
Bali and Toraja Ė Now Closer than Ever
Smoked Fish
Terror in a Suitcase
You Can Take That to The Bank!
Youíll Wonder Where the Yellow Went
The Price of Admission
Desperately Seeking Bali
Change at the Top of Bali Police
Bali to End 2016 with 4.85 Mn Tourist Visitors
Hotel Rooms Galore
Reclaiming Civil Liberties
Get Paid to Fly?
Indonesiaís Passage to India
Messy Paperwork
We Need a Little Christmas
When Only the Best Will Do
A Fatal Ending in Bali
A Duty to Destroy a Dildo
Ensuring the Shores of Bali Stay Clean
From Sea to Shining Sea
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Youíre Closed!
More Shipping Capacity to Nusa Penida
Call 112
Curtains at the Theater?
Pilot in Command
Reducing Holiday Traffic Jams
A Case of Misadventure
Preserving Baliís Volcanic Park
An Island of Winners
Taro Ė Where Elephants are Loved in Bali
Overly Ambitious Tourism Targets
The Hillsides Are Alive
Spinning Wheels of Protest
Worldís State Bankers to Meet in Bali
Putting an End to a Boondoggle
Farewell Grand Nikko, Welcome Hilton Bali Resort
A Warung that Wows!
Jenggala at 40
Bill Bailey - Please Come Home to Bali?
And the Sea Rushes In
Sunday Night Music in Sanur
New Flights to Western Australia
Rescue at Sea
An Eyesore and So Much More
Thatís Entertainment
21 and Not Legal
A Balinese Path to Honor and Balance
Bypassing Bali
RoRo Your Boat!
Heading for the Last Roundup
Cherish the Children
A Holiday that Sparkles Like a Jewel
Thatís the Lot
Missing Punters
Keeping AIDS at Bay with ARV in Bali
Charity Begins at a Party
License and Registration, Please
One out of a Dozen
The Capital of Merriment at Yearís End
Bless Our Beasts, Great and Small
Eliminating Japanese Encephalitis in Bali
Narrow Squeak with the Law
Tourism Needs a Firm Foundation
Bringer Mortis. Ad Nauseam.
Crowded Skies Over Bali
Making Sacrifice a Thing of Beauty
Expect Gridlock Ahead
Yak the Night Away
Gung Ho on Zhongguo
Tragic End to a Bali Holiday
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Shock and Awe
Meiarthana Rusticana
Bali Still the Best Holiday
Caring Hoteliers Reach Out to Karangasem, Bali
Fixing the Sarbagita Bus System
Homeward Bound
Someone, Please, Take the Trash Out
Running for Culture
Caught with Someone Elseís Wallet
Missing the Plot for 44 Years
Make a Wish!
Stayiní Alive
Spoiling Visitors: A Specialty in Bali
Taking the Lead on Nusa Penida
Cleared for Take Off
Wretched Refuse of Our Teeming Shores
Room with Your Board for Up to Five Years
We Felt the Earth Move
Bali Elephant Park Honored at World Luxury Hotel Awards
Meetings, Bloody Meetings
Offer Onto the Gods Only Local Fruits
Selamat Pagi Vietnam!
A Needed Application of Technology
Promoting Meetings in Nusa Dua
A Lack of Regulation
Helping Tourism Take Flight
Qatar Airways Steward Dies on Bali Holiday
Tragedy Times Three
Trumpís Election Has Some Currency
Remembering a Good Cop
High Prices for Poor Infrastructure
POTUS to Manage a Corner of Bali?
Increasing Risk of Dengue Fever in Bali
Airport Anomaly
They Fought the Law
It's Off to Work We Go!
Ersatz Bali
Begin the BeguineĖa NonStarter
Charity Unmasked
Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go
Fun Family Time In Bali Just Got Even Better
Certified to Handle Conferences, Incentives & Exhibitions
Bali is Booming
The Disruption of Eruptions
Bali: Be Prepared
The Seoul of Investment
Officer, Arrest that Mosquito
Earth as a Garden of Eden
Baliís Party of the Year
Soft at the Center?
How do you do, Chengdu?
Who Brought the Bullets into Bali?
Tokyo on the Way to the USA
In Sickness and in Health
Whoís Soori Now?
Failure to Appear
Mother, May I Die?
Benoa Bay Reclamation is Simply Bad Science
Death in a Sacred Place
A Pleasant Pause in the Desert
A Silent Victory
Istanbul to Denpasar, Bali
Missing Pak Joop
Fire on Jalan Kaya Aya
Remembering a Genuine Gentleman of Travel
In a Difficult Yoga Pose
Doubling Down on Jero
Bali as a Gulag
You Have the Power!
Bali Ranked the 10th Best Island in the World
Return to Glory
Will the Bus Go Bust?
Kuta Square Transformer File
Kidís Play has a Price to Pay
Dreaming of a White Christmas
Building Disorder
The Worldís Cops Inbound for Bali
A Cure for Fever
And a Light Onto my Running Path
An Underground Movement
Roadside Crime
Stuffing Your Stockings
Loaded for Take Off
Infrastructure First: Seaports and Airport
Another Renovation for Baliís Airport?
Move Underway to Trump Chinese Tourists?
Departure, No Return
Infrastructure First!
Bali Welcomes 3 Millionth Visitor
In Need of a Designated Driver
Bad Smells from the Kitchens?
Cherishing the Children
Itís a Bali Holiday
Me and My Guitar
Passport to a Clean Bureaucracy
Welcoming the Ultra-rich to Indonesia
To Those in Knead
A Galactic Calamity
Copping it for Murdering a Copper
Seeking New Connections
A Very Bad Exchange
Snake or Lizard?
Under Suspicion Again
Trip the Light Fantastic
RIP: Sri Pitono: 1964-2016
A Fatal Fall
Fatally Flawed Connection
Baliís Better on a Bicycle
Forgive, But Never Forget
When a Lake Becomes a Trash Bin
Bridges are Falling
Be of Good Cheer!
Baksheesh Relief?
Aborted Landing
Charity as a Stretch
Above it All!
When He Begins the Beguine
Keeping Jimbaran Clean
Wet Paint!
Stuck in Bali Traffic
The Bridge with the Missing Bolts
Stranded in the Straits
Destination Bali, Not Brisbane
Forming a Posse
Donít Bid Adieu, But Bid Your Due
Stroke by Stroke in Bali
Water, Rice and Tourism
What Complex Webs We Start to Weave
ĎTill Kingdom Come
Elephantine Attention to Caring Detail
Bali Airport Supports Business Take-offs
Relief for Our Reefs
Do You Recognize this Man?
River of Tears
Bali Tourist Arrivals in Record Territory
Singing for his Supper
Chile Spices Up Bali
World Animal Day at the Bali Safari & Marine Park
Room and Ruin
Final Ablutions
Dancing out on the Blue
Business is Booming at Baliís Airport
Long Line Fishing Fleet Returns to Port
Hard Landing
Deception by Confection
Them Bones, Them Bones
Needlessly Dispatching Children to Neverland
Visit Komodo with Bali Discovery
Cosmetic Chicanery
Gangway to Paradise
Enforcement of the Law on Hold
Higher and Higher
On The Beach an Orchestraís Playing
Hit the Road, And Never Come Back
Currying the Favor of Bali Visitors
Batter Up!
A Declaration of War?
Can You Hear my Fingers?
A Lasting Gift for Yourself or a Friend!
Hip-Hip Hooray For Pregoís Birthday!
Keeping Business Afloat!
An Eruption with Limited Impact
Larger than Lady Liberty
Prisons as Narcotics Hubs in Bali?
And Theyíre Off!
Women of Bali Helping Their Island Neighbors
Whatís New in Ubud?
Return to Sender
Why the Chicken Crossed the Ring
Bali Beach Head in the Fight Against Polluted Oceans
A Lack of Chinese Characters
Baliís Struggles with LGBT Travel Continues
More Capacity Between Bali & Lombok?
Bali Beach Body Contact
Bali and Beyond to Maumere
In a Spanish Mood
Feeling Ill? Call the ĎBoogie Maní
Feeling for a Motherless Child
Baliís Better on a Bike
Reading & Writing at 13th UWRF
Averting an Explosive Ending?
Denpasar in a Jam
Did Franky Commit Hanky-Panky?
A Family of Rhinos in Bali
Prepare for Congestion
Itís Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas
Gili Cat II Fast Ferry Disaster
The Importance of Bee-ing
Simple Truths, Plainly Spoken
By Design, Annually
Tourism with Porpoise
The Last Word
Motorcycle Mayhem
Paying More at the Gate
King to Reign Behind Bars for 7 Years
Worldís Cops Headed to Bali in November
A Flying Hot Line
Hereís That Rainy Day
Cause of Death Not Clear
Making Baliís Seas Safer
All That Jazz!
The Battle with the Cattle
Limited Visibility Closes Airport
Fitting Attire in the Eyes of God
Flash Flood Hit Klungkung
An Inability to Make Change
An Island of Expendable Children?
An Open Letter to Baliís Governor
Junk Food?
Please, Mister, Buy My Souvenir!
Keeping Airhubs Open in Times of Need
Answering Baliís Water Crisis
Weíre all Bound for America
In the End, A Matter of Deportment
A Port without Pier or Peer
Putting it Online
Mourning Massage
Seeking Due Process Under the Law
Trying to Keep the Customer Satisfied
International Restaurant Investment at Uluwatu, Bali
Honoring the Flag
Journey of a Lifetime
Yudistira Ascends into Heaven
Go Tell it on the Mountain
Jailing Unsafe Parents
German Charity Begins in Tabanan
Paving the Way for Tourism Growth
Changes at Nusa Dua Complex
Bali Island School Turns 30
Seeking to Heal a Wounded Heart
Book on Traveloka with Hotel Link Solutions
Looking to Promote Your Products in Bali?
Who Needs a Lawyer?
Sins of the Son, Visited on the Family
Limits of Patience
Courting 12 Million Foreign Tourists
Indonesia Warns Travelers About Zika Virus
Sitting on the Fence in the Bay
A Desire to Enter the Jet Age
A Numbers Game
Bringing Order to The Temple
Bali Battens Down its Financial Hatches
Waste Not, Want Not
Taking Demonstrations and Epidemics in Stride
An Inability to Land
You Give Me Fever!
The Peaceful Resolution of Disputes
Tired of Burning Tires
It's a Fine Day for a Cigarette in Bali
Mandarin Made Easy
To Catch a Thief
When You Say ĎI Doí
A Medical Evolution from Darwin
Stranger, Now Gardening in Paradise
Mass Insanity
The Risk of Lending Your Name
Hog Heaven?
Bring Your own Plane to Indonesia
Can Ya Run Faster than a Kenyan?
Spice and Everything Nice
Classical Elegance Comes to Bali
Passage from India
Trial for Errors
See Indonesia by Sea
Ships Ahoy!
Breaching Public Beaches in Bali
At the Car Hop!
Harmony Begins at Your Hotelís Temple
Open Skies in ASEAN
1.5 Years Less Time Served
Saraís Turns to Talk
Taylor Made Confession
Expat Home Industry
Tensions Rising in Benoa Bay Protests
Time to Stand Together
A Day Dedicated to the Endangered
Bangkok Near the Bali Bypass
Setting Things Right Again with the Cosmos
Suspected of Murder
Costly Coffin Nail
A Case of Mistaken Identity
Objecting at Go-Jek
Caught with Cats
No Decoration for this Driver
Does Anybody Know My Name?
The Need for Chinese Checkers
Protecting the Mangroves
Busted in Bali
Trouble on Two Wheels
Running to Help Bali
Pullman Art Exhibition
Wanted by Bali Police
Stars in the Sky, Stars in the Kitchen
A ĎLeaderí Gets Grounded for Stupidity
Erring on the Side of Caution
At Home in Sanur
Snatch and Run
Signs of a Lackluster Real Estate Recovery
Leadership Worth Emulating in Bali
All That Jazz!
Helping the Bali Starling Stage a Comeback
Funny Money
Trophies on Safari
Money Politics
A Flying Squad of Criminals
Tourist, Can You Spare me a Dime?
The Art of Motorcycle Brazenness
Tanah Lot to Cost a Lot More
Helping the Poor Never Tasted Better
Dining Most Dionysian
Can You Hear the People Singing?
Death in Retirement
Bali Loses A Loyal Son and Friend
Bali Adventure Tours Names General Manager
Takeoff and Landing Announced
Hurry Up and Wait!
Putting the King of the Sea in Cages
Toxic End to Life
Help Less Wanted
Aiming to Fly Higher
Weíll Miss You, Gentle Joe
Traveling on False Papers
Ferreting Out Tax Avoiders
Beware of Mercenary Monks
A Dejected Disabled Dutchman
Youíre Fired!
A Case of Insurance Fraud?
This Girl is Not for Sale
A One-Day Awakening of a Volcano
Double Trouble for English Tourist
10th Avenue
The Importance of Sidewalks
Setting the Wrong Plates
Bikers as Blighters
Fun to the Fore!
The Voice of Palu
A Tragic Missed Connection
Mola-Mola Season in Full Swing
The Italian Job?
Return to the Planet of the Primates
Deadly Banana
Countdown to Bali Film Festival
Baliís Troubled Accommodation Sector
The Ebb and Flow of Baliís Coastline
Amazing Grace
Vanishing Stripes
Bali to Remain Rainy Until End of Year
Indonesia Executes Four
Russian Loses Battle with Indonesian Military
These Streets are Made for Pedestrians
Shot with a Camera and a Gun
Bali by Ancient Books
The Toast of Bali
Are you on the Run?
Death at Double Six Beach
Danish Tourist Dies on Tour
Going Ape on Your Birthday
Let the Dream of a Better Tomorrow Begin
One Moment in Time
Illegal in Plain Sight
Whittonís Whippin
Rubbing, The Wrong Way
Mourning Putu
Failed Approach to Landing
An Airport Too Inviting
Lift Up Your Voices
Bali Benoa Reclamation Still in Play
MŲvenpick Set to Premiere in Bali
Dancing on Paper
Peddling Junk to Baliís Top Man
When Boarding Houses Hoard Tax Revenues
Faulting Towers
Misguided Chinese
Pop Goes the Weasel
Disembarking Drunks in Paradise
Taking the Crime Fight to New Heights
The Protest Demonstration of the Week
Tucker from a Trucker
Careful What You Wish For!
Thou Shall Not Pass
20 Years to Finish
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Weíve Got You Covered
A Qualified Welcome to Bali
Malang Flights Affected by Volcanic Ash
The Festival has Ended
A Disgrace to His Uniform
Garuda Indonesia Ė New Heights of Customer Service
Rabies Claims Mother of Two
Speaking Mandarin in Bali
When You Wish Upon a Jetstar
Libertť, …galitť, Fraternitť, Solidaritť
Reckless Endangerment?
Visit Indonesia First!
Eat Up! Itís Good for You!
New Parking Rules Apply in Ubud
Join a Beach Party in Bali
A Predatory Lion
High as a Kite!
PayPal Just Got More Affordable
A Shift in National Tourism Sales Strategies
The Strong Arm of the Law
Asking Susi to Just Say ĎNoí
English Footballer Falls in Bali
Bank-rolling on the River
Caught on Camera
Voices from Coastal Communities
Time Off for Good Behavior
A Brain is a Terrible thing to Waste
Bali as a Bargain
Identity Left
The Many Wonders of East Java
Tanah Lot a ĎMust Seeí for Lebaran Tourists
Rising Seas, Shrinking Island
Business is Leaping
A Joke that Bombed Badly
Rude Russian
A Dozen Million Will Do
Nothing to Fear
Run for Fun
A Race to Bank On
May Be Good!
By the Skin of Our Teeth
No Toll for Truckers
Whatís in a Name, Anyway?
Preying on the Young
Expect Travel Delays
In Need of a Bromo Seltzer
A Political Party Riddled with Corruption?
Death in a Chair
The Long Lines Home
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Taking Out the Trash
Infrastructure First, Visitors Later
Third Time Charmed
Machines Do it Better at AirAsia
Bi-Lateral Cooperation to Increase Tourism
A Cloud Over Mushrooms
Bali as a Water Hazard
Deadly Afternoon
Fire Sale
Human Rights at Bay
Waist Deep in Kuta
When Change is Needed
Libertť, …galitť, Fraternitť
Attempted Identity Theft
Heart Attack Claims Man in Local Boat Race
U-Haul Hull
Connected in Kuta
A Kemenuh Conondrum
Short Take Off and Approach
Hot and Bothered in Bali
Haunting Surfeit of Human Remains
General Hospital
Bastards & Baksheesh
Illegal Parking
A Gas Attack?
India Calling
RIP: Raymond Maurice Butler 1952-2016
Keeping the Islamic New Year Safe
Bali Bounces Bogans Back to Base
LOT Polish Now Flies to Bali
Misinformation as a Virus
Home for the Holidays
Quest No More
A Rockiní Middle Age
They Shall Not be Moved
Garuda Doodle Dandy
Sacrilege that Offends an Entire Island
Keeping our Policemen Sharp!
Rules of the Game
Conduct Unbecoming Any Man
Peddling Pseudo Science
Garden of Earthly Despair
The Coming Volley
They Have to be Carefully Taught
Sands of Time
Processed and Poisonous
Permanently Grounded
Continental Safety
Prostitution Exposed at Denpasar Spa
Let Baygon be Baygon
It Takes a Village
8-Meters Above the Law
Temple Destruction
Lunch Time Swim Ends Tragically
Freedom Takes a Beating
We Love a Parade!
RIP Ketut Liyer - 1916-2016
Arrivederci Roberto
Pool Tragedy
Nothing Decided Yet
Power to the People
When Six Months is Not Enough
Try to be Less Appealing
Indefinite Delay in Return to Bali
Australians Love Bali Best
The Missing Mozaic
Parental Responsibility
Ocean Fatalities
Just-in-Time Bomb Detection
A Bigger Slice of Pie in the Sky
Bali is Vibrant
Noblese Oblige, Donít Mess with Me!
Down on the Beach an Orchestraís Playing
Remember to Wave
Keeping Baliís Villa Industry Legal
Enhanced Health Care for Bali
Faulty Towers
Bali Targeting 8 Million Tourist Visitors by 2019
Sometimes I Feel Like a Mother Earth Child
Cleaning Up a Holy Mess
Steps to Make the Gili Islands Drug-Free
The Wrong Market
Bali Ė An Easy Stretch
Our Shrinking Shorelines
Holiday High Jinks
Move for Reconciliation Concert
Gotta Sing. Gotta Dance
Toast of the Island
A Wave and a Kiss Good-Bye
Charters from China
Fun in Baliís Mountain Lake District
AirAsia X to Exit Sydney and Melbourne
An Exercise in Good Taste
Major Anti-Narcotics Arrest
The Cost of Quantity Before Quality
Stop Human Trafficking
He Thought he Could Fly
Bali Temples as Repositories of History
Anything But Therapeutic
The Road to Bali
A Dose of Leniency for Two Airlines
Hand Off Our Kids!
April Arrivals to Bali Up 21.3%
A Dozen Years in a Bali Jail
Heart Attack Claims Chinese Tourist
Grounded in Taro
Fire Storm at the Dorm
Up On the Roof
Mentelle Therapy
A Great Alternative Party Awaits
Teaching a Lion to Purr
Listen to Your Mother
Bring Me to the Hilton
Showdown Ahead?
Something Fishy Going On
A Royal Obligation to Serve
Pre-Dawn Fatal Crash
And if Dreams Come True . . .
Just a Month Away
Stop Only Outside of the Box
Ate Like Primate
The Indonesian Tourism Bucket List
Avoiding Mayhem and Disaster
In Xanadu
Retaliation or Cost Saving
On the Roll in Bali
Soul Searching in Bali
The Wrong Form of Address
Waited and Weighted
Abandon Ship!
Allotting Tanah Lot
Le Roi, C'est Moi
Weíre Bound for Bayuwangi
Drowning in Baliís North
Problems on the Surface
Count the Silverware After they Leave
Child Tourist Drowns at Nusa Penida
Was Their a Plan B?
North Bali Stakes a Claim on Fast Ferry Industry
Drag, Kicking and Screaming
Domestic Strife
Liberty Denied
Trafficking in Safety
Fatal Consequences of Being Overweight
Register and Report Overnight Foreign Visitors
A Modern Day Noahís Ark
Who Struck Neil?
Remote Licensing
Noodles, Dim Sums and So Much More!
Golden Tulips in Season in Bali
An Inability to Govern?
Remembering Pak Robby
Sick, Tired and Not Prepared to Work
In Search of Foreign Funds
Get the Picture?
A Night to Sing the Blues
Forty-four and Many More to Come
Holy Bat Caves, Robin!
Bali Headed for 4.6 Million Foreign Tourists in 2016
Daubing Dobson into Prison
Keeping a Fire at Bay
When the Bus Gets Busted
Sanur Seeks Festivity Beyond Compare
Lacking Deliverance
Bouncing Over Borneo
Overwrought, Stabbed and Shot
Go Sell it on the Mountain!
Adieu to Kota Kinabalu
Fly by Night Operation?
All that Jazz
Faulty Asphalt Closes Baliís Airport
Filipino Accent at Ubud Food Festival
... And the Law Won
End of an Era in Bali-Australia Tourism
Plays Latin, Our Satin Doll
Slapping a Roaming Wrist
Taking Out the Garbage
A Northern Approach to Bali
Solemen Fun Day at Waterbom Park
Saving the World, One Island at a Time
An Epitaph Written at Stones
Carmen Miranda: Hey, Thatís my Hat!
Be an Idol!
Sink and Win!
Rise and Shine in Good Health
Extended Education
Staying High and Dry
New Man in Charge at Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa
Rules Apply
Bali Shark Attack
It's My Party and I'll High if I Want To!
All Creatures Great and Small
It Might as Well be Printemps
Follow the Money
Out for a Night, Out for a Week
Foreign ĎOwnershipí of Land in Indonesia
Purple Drains, Purple Drains
Waiting for the Next Big One
Take Our Advice: Baliís the Best!
Worldís Police Officers to Meet in Bali
Bali Airport Ranked Among the Very Best
Fire in Seminyak
Caught by the Seat of his Pants
Nurturing Mother Nature
A Bad Neighbor
Bottled Up Anxiety
Knowing When to Leave
Weighs and Mischievous Ways
In Search of Dragon
The Pain Remains
An Olympian Effort
Manggis Season has Arrived
Higher Tolls Take a Toll
This Little Piggy Went to Sanur
An Evening Unforgettable
Helping Step by Step
An Effrontery of Luxury
Bali in a Tango
Making a Bad Situation Worse
Fire Near Denpasar Bird Market
Purse Snatcher Gets Snatched by Bali Police
To Moratorium or Not to Moratorium
Seeking to Serve the Sick
Nature Boy
Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn!
Bali at its Creative Best
Debugging Bali
Urine, or Youíre Out
Stricken, Not Quickened
Weíll Fore For Bali
Eagle and Needles
God is Watching Us!
All that Jazz
Ending an Epidemic
Work Rules Apply
Fueling Suspicions
Floating Eyesore
A Case of Mistaken Identity
Catch Me if You Can
Placing Children First
Water Royalty
Things that Go Bump in the Night
Sammy Ė Another Proud Bali Export
Bullish About Bali
A Bulgarian Vulgarian
Sacrilege Most Heinous
Break the Law, Change the Law
Getting a Grip on Grab
Under Pressure, to Drink
Tickles my Nose
In Grief for Our Reefs
Bali: Just Deserts?
Pensioner's End
Toasting Hattenís Success
Baliís Volcano Museum Open for Business
More Helicopters for Bali
More Air Access to Komodo and North Sumatra
London Calling
Chinese Tourists to the Fore
Baby Shower X 3 at Bali Safari and Marine Park
A Strong Aversion to Perversion
This is a Sticker-Up!
When Police Start Doubting Thomas
Back in your Cage, Tiger
Swim - Run- Ride at Herbalife Bali International Triathlon
Power Sharing
Fly Our Friendly Skies
Mothers' Day Lunch with Ibu Robin Lim
Meth in His Madness
Tourism Kills Tourism
The Dangers of Taking ĎSelfiesí
Tricky Currents
Less Than Legal
Oops! What They Really Meant to Say
When the Hotel Boom Goes Bump
Baliís Clogged Arteries
Extortion on Baliís Roadways
Laser Sharp Dining Experience
Strings of Unequaled Beauty
Safe to Fly
Green, Green Grass of Aerodrome
Hindu Not Halal
Tigers Return to Bali
RIP: Arie Smit 1916-2016
How to Catch a Cab
A Bunch of Bull
For the Birds
Fire in the Heart of Ubud
Taxi Halt
For Those Who Want to Be in Wakatobi
Moby Most Morbid
Cutting the Red Tape
A Most Taxing Situation
A Failure to Negotiate
Revolutionizing Hotel Pricing
Road Closed Until Further Notice
Keeping Wolves at Bay
Sit Up and Take Notice
Taking a Shine to Flying
The Tastiest Bits are at Baliís Center
Vanquished Juvenile Delinquents
Loadings and Landings
Dingdong, Anyone Home?
Indonesiaís Doors Now Open Widely
Mossies on the March
Selling Bali Travel Online
Domestic Bliss
Operator, Get Me Jesus on the Line!
To Market, To Market
We are Women! Hear us Roar!
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Monsterous Objections
Bali Takes its Silence Seriously
Wake Up Call for Baliís Airport
Threats to Aviation Safety
Regional Air Traffic Booming from Bali
Only the Hoi Polloi to Bali?
Pets that Kill
Unfolding Transport Scandal in Bali
Walk a Mile in His Shoes
Gentle Eka Takes Her Leave
Out of Cash? Camp!
Return to Base Camp
Trump's Bumf
The Defacing of Facebook
Bali Puts its Best Foot Forward
No Rushing this Russian
Taking Leave of Baliís Shores
A Power Move
Celebrity Timidity
A Tragic Ferry Tale
Field Exercises
Kid Concerned for Our Future
For the Good Life: Le Bon Vivant
Counting Down to BBTF 2016
Keeping if Local. Keeping it Luxurious.
Silence is Golden
The Sorrow of Sweet Parting
False Sense of Security Buoyed by Broken Buoys
Sumatra Shaken, But Still Standing
Here Comes the Sun
Tellers who Wonít Tell
Economic Disaster for Local Traders
The Shipping News
Nuts to You and Elsewhere!
Villagers Handed a Line
Bali: Far Too Many Rooms
The Bitter Price of Litter
Road Closed. Quiet Zone.
Just What the Doctors Ordered
Swiss Slice
Crazy Eights
A Most Unappealing Politician
Protestors Take a Toll in Bali
Uncertain Shores
Grab as Grab Can
Just Pretend Policemen
High-Tech Bat Cave
At the Very Tip of Nusa Dua
Time Served
All Flights Diverted on March 9, 2016
Is it Over for Uber in Bali?
Fun at the Pullman in Bali: There are No Handicaps
The Voices from Bali
Leading by Example
Cultivating Culinary Expertise in Bali
Erring on the Side of Caution
A Presumably Natural Ending
Struggling to Save Paradise
Another Drowning in Kuta
Bali: The Blind Leading the Blind
Plow Over Parking Lots, Turn Them into Public Parks
Runaway Lions
They Shall Not be Moved!
Sadly, Up to Scratch
Showcasing Balinese Culture on the Village Level
All Road Lead to and From Bali
Organic Creativity
Room Boom Threatens Bali on Several Fronts
Business at a Low Tide
Port Out, Starboard Home
The Backlash of Trash
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
The Catís Meow
Bali and Beyond and Back Again
A Run on the Bank
Doís and Doníts on Nyepi
Whirlwinds to the West
The Cities by the Bay
Rendang and So Much More
Take a Spin Over Bali
Remaining Vigilant Against Terror
My Funny Valentine
Circuit Breaking
Bali as a Cash Cow for Investment
Mumís, the Word
Drowning at Nusa Lembongan
Uneasy Rider
A Motherless Child
Cigarette Lobby 1: City of Denpasar 0
Last Ditch Failure
The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Thereís Always Room for Jero . . . in Prison
Too Close for Comfort
Underpass for Baliís Airport
Garuda Seeking a 50% Market Share
Disagreeing with Discounts
A Lion Denied
Encouraging Investment
Sumba Rumbas
Spending Less to Fly
New Sales Boss at Harper Kuta Bali
Fun in the Sun in Sanur
When Meeting Planners Meet
A Record Year
Enter the Year of the Monkey
When Helping Others is Highly Fashionable
The Evil of Advertising
Reclaiming Sanity
Interview: Rainy Hendriany Ė Foreign Ownership Update
Half a World is Now Just One Flight Away
London Calling
Drawing Lines in the Sand
Pass the Popcorn!
Tiger Shows it Stripes
Slow Wheels of Justice
Another Property Deal Gone Sour
A Passion for Fresh, Healthful Ingredients
Dealing with Threats of Terror
Not Cleared for Take Off or Landings
Bali as a Center for Distribution
Chinese Holiday Rush in Bali
Gathering in High Places in Bali
Fitting in When Working in Bali
Bali Responds to Worldwide Health Emergency
Gone too Soon
Bali at 3,361 Meters
Breeding Discontent
Fire at Tour East
Late Check Out
A Bridge Over a Troubled Roadway
Surfís Up
Power to the People
Protestors Warn of Social Conflict Ahead
Ensuring Mr. Ed Gets Fed
Celebrate with Solemen
Fatal Final Swim
Major Tom to Ground Control
One Stop Tour Shopping in Bali
Sitompul to Stimulate Sales
King, Now Fallen
How Now Sea Cow?
The Road to Success
High School Musings Kill
Baliís Miracle Worker
Welcome Tripian
Bali Meeting Experts Jakarta Bound
Road Connection Bali to Java Disrupted
Fill Me-Up, Batur-Cup
Bali to Mumbai in 2016
12 Million Tourists to Visit Bali in 2016?
Bali Medical Advances
Weak Border Control
The Picture in Your Pocket
Loose Lips Sink Careers
Dismantling the Barricades
All Roads in Bali Lead to Tanah Lot
Against All Odds
A Slap on the Wrist?
Thatís Entertainment
Safe and Sound in Bali
Welcome to Niaga Falls
Bali by the Book
Quality Over Quantity
Peaks that Sleep
From Jero to Zero?
To Serve and Protect
Where Thereís a Weld, Thereís a Way
Uber and Uber
Hoax or the Real Thing?
Le Sernier Souper
Actor Handed Losing Script
Where Does Bali Stand on LGBT Travel?
Artful Manipulation
Without a Drop of Water
Biting Start to 2016
More Friendly Ferry Fares Between Bali and Java
Protecting Baliís Children from Predators
Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself
Human Right to Take Back Seat in Fight on Terror?
Bali Economy Ranked 10th Nationwide in 2015
Holiday Inn on the Outs with Bali Environmental Agency
Grass Where the Sun Donít Shine
Business as Usual at Baliís Airport
Donít Give in to Terror
Seeking a Safe Have in Bali for a Holiday
We are Not Afraid
Kuta Battens Down its Security Hatches
Sail from Fiji to Bali
Caution Advised
Meet in Bali! - Coming to Jakarta on January 28th
Fire in Ubud
Bali or Bust
Room Boon Without End
2015: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb
It's in the Bag
More at the Door
After a File, Crocodiles!
Highly Unsafe?
Sunset on Sunset
Family Tragedy
Frowde Found Floating
200 Businesses Lost in a Single Fire
Confirmed Bachelors
For Auld Lang Syne
Looking Down on Bali
Shanghaied to Bali
Bali: Donít Rest on Your Laurels
Predatory Lion Air Workers
Safety in Numbers
In Search of a New Mental Paradigm
Collecting Less at Baliís Gateway
Tragic Loss at Nusa Lembongan
We Try Harder
A Fatal, Tragic Leap into 2016
Money-Back Guarantee
Pave Over Paradise & Put Up a Parking Lot
Gag Order for Bali Gangs
Stimulating Tourism Industry through Hotel Investment
High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes
Straight and Largely Level Flight
After the Partyís Over
The Casualty Count from New Yearís Eve
Operating Illegally Offshore
Three Cheers for Indonesiaís Transportation Minister
Tragic End to 2015
Elegant Access to Komodo from Bali
High Hopes, Weíve Got High Hopes
Indonesia Can be a Moving Experience
Honoring Promises
The Salak Village of Sibetan, East Bali
Bali Police: The Year in Review
Grooms to Spare
Corruption in High Places
Assigning Criminals to the Rubbish Dump
Cheaper at the Gas Pumps
Lacking a License to Operate
The Need for Law Enforcement
Savoring Indonesian Cuisine
Sky-High Prices for Parking
New Man in Charge at Conrad Bali
Early Check Out from Hotel K
The Oldest Profession
Just Imagine This
Holidaying with Criminal Intent
Caught on Camera
Thatís A Lot
Expect Delays on New Years in Kuta, Bali
Final Days for Baliís Notorious Hotel K
Grim News for the Holidays
Unforgiving Social Media
Dealing with the Mob
Bali as Home this Christmas
Bali by Boat
My Fatherís Mansion Has Many Rooms
Twasí the Night Before Christmas in Bali
A Winning Tradition
Bali Feeling in the Dumps
Eat on the Streets and Be Happy!
Brackish Backlash
Enjoy the Fireworks
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Walk a Mile in Their Shoes
Bandiasa to the Helm
Can Donald Duck This?
Take a Short Cut to Baliís North
And the Tide Rushes Inn From the Sea to the Shore
Aussie Dollar in Need of a Kangaroo Bounce
Certifiably Green
Sleighs by Boeing and Airbus
The Most Generous Miss DeGeneres
When Made Men Make Up
When Size Matters
Prisoner Exchange
A Mis-Application of the Law?
And the Envelope, Please . . .
Canberraís Lady in Denpasar
Brutesí Brutal Endings
Home for the Holidays
BBTF 2016 Gets an Executive Director
An Honor Declined
Made in Indonesia
Benedict O. Anderson 1936-2015
Fruit of an Ancient Loom
The Last Lap
Bad-Tempered Tendencies Toward Temperance
Transactional Analysis
In Charge at Anantara Seminyak
Fitting Support
Short Roll and Take Off
Potentially Explosive Decision
Post-Power Syndrome
Letís Get Ready to Rumble
Paol E. Bitsch 1949 - 2015
Unclogging Ubudís Traffic Arteries
From Bali to the World of Music
Repairing a Damaged Island
Japanese Cuisine Revisited
Keeping Breast Cancer on the Run in Bali
SkŚl or Salute: Weíll Drink to That!
RIP: Douchan Gersi 1947-2015
I Started a Joke . . .
Paint Me Bloo
A Most Enabling Day
Trying to Protect Baliís Wildlife Icon
Rating the Rupiah
From Immigration Kiosk to Lock Up
Youíre on Candid Camera
Uber Payment
Seeking to End ďGreen WashingĒ
To Serve and Protect
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
Cycles of Unfairness
Bali Arrivals Losing their Steam?
Of Boondoggles and Empty Political Promises
Smart ala Carte
Puff, Your Magicís Dragginí
In Need of a Bromo Seltzer?
Disarming Beauty from a Disabled Artist
Serious Accusations of Wrongdoing
Infection Detection
Here's that Rainy Day
Bring the Wet Back!
A Series of Cascading Errors
The Need for Hotels that Look Balinese
The Jewel of Baliís North Shore
We Get Mail
Two Strikes . . .
Don't Be Gone in a Flash!
Optimistic About Baliís Economy in 2016
An Official Check Up
Balancing Baliís North and South
Playing Possum on the Death Penalty
Bali Hai Cruises Sailing into the Future
Love Among Island Republics
All Roads do Not Necessarily Lead to Mecca
Keeping Things Equal
Bali's Airport as a Transit Point
Seeking to be Understood
ISIS is Not Welcome in Bali
A Fragrant Waste
The Danger of Drinks and Drugs
Death After Dinner
A Rush that Starts in Dribbles and Drabs
Tourism as The Goose with the Golden Egg
I Got Plenty of Truffles & Truffles Plenty for Me
Too Big to Fail?
In Heated Anticipation of Rain
Shake a Stick at This!
Ace Trumps Hotels and Restaurants in Bali
Unbeatable Seller Prices for BBTF 2016
The More the Merrier?
GO-JEK Doesnít Deliver Grass
When Passengers Roar at the Lion
Indonesians Encouraged to Visit Australia
Striving for Safety
Buy My Horse, He's Hungry
Banyuwangi Flights from Bali Axed
You Raise Me Up
RIMBA Takes Mexican Food to New Heights
Ready, Aim. . . Wait!
Reducing Late Night Traffic Jams in Kuta
Bali is Best
An Open Invitation to Australia
Baliís Bio-Diverse Oceans
Coffee, Tea or She?
A Fear of Silent Nights
A Shocking Death
Paris, Je T'Aime
Canton Three Times a Week from Bali
Crocodile Rock
Cleared for Landing and Take-Offs
A High and Dry Landmark
Counting Spots
Catch a Paper Tiger by the Tail
A Day of Family Fun in Bali
Jimbaran to Java by Boat
Itís Great to be Eight
New Zeal for Education in Bali
Crater, Crater, Agitator
Time to Be Kind
With Heartfelt Sadness
Failing to Follow its Own Rules
Burning Ring of Fire
Keeping Terrorism Off-Line
Beyond Repair or Crystal Clear?
Heaven's Gentle Rain Upon the Place Beneath
When Keelhauling is in Order
Drug-Free Jockeys
Good Gracious! Ignasius
Grant Me Wings to Fly!
Cheaper than the Bus
Mountainous Problem for Bali
King of the Roads
Dedi Man Walking?
The Body Beautiful in Bali
Plain Talk
Bali Records a Strong September of Tourist Arrivals
Maintaining the Status Quo
Dust Ourselves Off & Start All Over Again
A Failure to Scale
Blame it on the Mountain
Will Further Rumbles Cause Tourism to Tumble?
A Swinging Soirťe
Rooted in Frangipani
Making Earth More Like a Garden of Eden
Resolving to Resolve
Here Comes the Sun
Ewes that Phew
An Evening with William Wongso
Soothing in Bali
Landings are a Problem
A Fugitive No More
An Immortal Island Hero
A Passage Back to India
To Serve and Protect without Impunity
Suspended Holiday
Flying High with WiFi
Lionís Leap to China
Take Me to the Fair
Show me the Way
Three Times and Youíre Out
Yo-Ho-Ho: True Tale of Woe
Of Thee and Thee and I Sing
Less Pomp, Due to the Circumstances
Hazing Aviation
Cooking for Wellness in Nusa Dua
A Decade of Togetherness
Speak Softly. Be Nice.
Sins of our Fathers
University Study Tour Cancelled
You Canít Hit a Moving Target
Getting Cross with HIV
Welcoming Foreign Workers to Indonesia
Testing Baliís Tourism Workers
Yes, We Take Cards!
Bali Builds a Provincial Health Center
Short on Targets, Short on Cash
Paradise is Not for Sale to Foreigners
Taking a Toll on Your Pocketbook
A Criminal by Any Other Name
Beating Swords into Life-Saving Syringes
2015 Bali Triathlon Rated the Best Ever
Nature is Grumbling
Soaring Profits
The Gag Effect
Remaining Vigilant Against Terror
Indian Serial Killer Arrested in Bali
Increasing Awareness of the Balinese Language
The Safeguarding of Japanese Tourists
Bali Culture: Back to Basics
More Doors and Exit Needed
7.3 Billion and Still Counting
Insuring Bali's Rice Crops
Their Number's Up
Profit on the Tip of Spears
In Concert with the Community
Chinese Take-Away
Rabies Infection Afflicts Taiwanese Tourist
Ethical Failings
X Marks the Spot
Limited Seating Left
Digital Marketing Solutions from Bali Discovery
One Week to Go!
A Sicilian Connection in Bali
Out of Sight Bites in Bali
Clean Up You Act
We Can Never Forget
When Good People Meet and Talk
Baturiti Blaze
Getting a New Vibe in Bali
It Was in the Cards
Getting the Run Around
Donít Hide your Branding
Wyndham Joins Baliís Room Fest
The Need to be Neighborly
Break, Brake
Bali and USA One Stop via Singapore
Walk on By
Keep on Truckiní
Karma Pala Rules
Some Inns May Soon Be Out in Bali
Et Tu, Putu?
Seeking Refuge in the Chamber
Fractured Semantics
WAZE and Means
Revolutionizing Indonesian Tourism
3 Mn to Visit Tanah Lot by Yearís End
Clean and Green Bali
An Obligation to Our Children Avoided
A Law that Few Obey
A Gram Will get You in a Jam
Becoming More, Appealing
From Our Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom
Baliís Space Race
Being Understood by Chinese Visitors
Visa-Free Countries to Indonesia Just Doubled
Cruise Control
Rolling Up the Welcome Mat
Where Kids are King!
Bali's Connected to Jakartaís Eastern Suburbs
Bali Summit to Explore Diabetes and TB Link
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Sidewalk Empire
Coming Up 2 Million Short
Lovina Ė Loving Indonesia and North Bali
Bali: For Whom the Toll Grows
Pool Maintenance
Bali's Best Dining and Bars
Pray for Rain
Double Bladed Consequence
A Night at the Museum
Keeping Ahead of the Wave
Needed: Stroke of Good Luck
A Ban on Reclamation?
Liberalizing Indonesiaís Cruise Sector
Dogs Tied to a Poll
Everything on your Plate
Pearls of Wisdom
When Kids Communicate and Collaborate
Dog Food?
Shipís Ahoy
A Tiger Ready to Pounce
It Pays to Speak Indonesian
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa
Life, Snatched Away
Wonderful Indonesia as a Brand
The ďXĒ Factor
Making a Love of Nature Natural
The High Season that Wasnít
We Get Mail
The Digital Marketing Advantage
Unicorns with Eating Disorders?
Smile, Youíre on YouTube
Dozing Bulldozers
Pounding Makes a Difference in Bali
Barbarians at the Gate
Recognition Bali Doesnít Need
Wine, Chocolate & Pearls Awaits in Baliís North
This Little Piggy Went to Market . . .
Making Waves
Days of Reckoning
The Death of Cultural Tourism?
The Currency of Education
Dining Like a Maharaja in Bali
Nusa Penida: The Next Channel Islands?
Eco Warriors Land on Baliís Seminyak Beach
Do You Serve Nuts?
Lessons about the Birds and the Birds
Fire on Engine #2
Practicing TAO in Nusa Dua
Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle Comes to Bali
Lawmakers Headed to Bali
I Speak for Flipper
Why Tourists Avoid Besakih Temple
An Unnecessary Death
Tanah Lot: Believe it or Not
Fewer Domestic Flights to Bali
Power Wielded Judiciously
Growing Indian Travel to Indonesia
Tragic Holiday Ending
Room at the Top in Indonesian Tourism
Still Running for Someone Elseís Life
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Want to Learn to Cook Italian? Prego
To Have and to Hold Sacred
Just the Way We Are
On Your Mark, Get Ready
Supporting Fighters, Admiring Survivors
High Tailing it to Bali
When Fighting Corruption is Taboo
Get the Picture in Bali
Punch Up in Bali
Tourism as an Economic Guarantor
Human Trafficking in Bali?
Bali for Weddings
Who Speaks for Flipper?
Bali Airport Officials Preying on Chinese Visitors?
Take the Bus to the Airport
In a Reforming Mood
One Before Bed and Early to Rise
El NiŮo Hits Bali
More Anti-Rabies Vaccine for Bali
Blemished Reputation the Indonesian Police
Frenchman Dies in Motorcycle Accident in East Bali
Average Spend and Length of Stay in Bali
Sky-High Price for Aviation Fuel
A Kilo and a Half of Solid Trouble
Bali: Where Youíre Going to Run to in 2016
Strip Mall Fire in Bali
A Bali Boondoggle?
Know One Knows What Goes on Behind Closed Walls
A Trump Card Hidden up Your Sleeve
Gambling Not Allowed in Bali
Indonesia AirAsia X to be Grounded?
Bearing the Cost of Bearing Witness
Dust Ourselves Off
Epic Performance Not to be Missed
Sumartina Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
Inflation Takes a Toll
Unsporting Behavior
A Call to Justice or Continued Police Impunity?
The Toast of Sanur
NusaBay Menjangan by WHM
Why Foreign Workers Work Just Fine
Simmering Savories in Seminyak
Heard on the Grape Vine
Bid Expectation from a Mini-Mart
Taking Root in Nusa Dua
Baliís New Chief of Police
Just Trying to Keep the Customer Satisfied
In the Cross Hairs
Growing Anger Over Reckless Development
Seeking Visa Status Parity
Back in the USSR
Bali Chosen for World Financial Summit
Dusting Off July
A Scar on Baliís Face
Tina and Theo
Empowering Small and Medium Sized Hotel
Honors Times Three
Maximizing Hotel Market Share
Bali on the Run
Happily Never After
Vials of Salvation Now Available
Illegal Excavation on Ungasan Peninsula
In the Event of a Tsunami
Recognizing Tourism Achievement in Bali
A Bitter Cup?
The Golden Fleece
Best Things in Life are Sometimes Free
Rooms? Do We Have Rooms!
Head of the Class
Fueling Expectations
Exercising the Vote, Not the Muscle
Age as an Excuse for Criminality
Death by Misadventure
Light, Camera . . . Permits
A Connected Community in Bali
Getting a New Spin on Bali
Making Loaves without Loafing
2015 HERBALIFE Bali International Triathlon
Resident Domain
Surround Yourself with Beauty
A Lack of Noblese Oblige
End Nowhere in Sight for a Long Hot Summer
A Bupati Too Busy to Look?
Gotta Know When to Hold Them
The Art of the Deal Made in Bali
Kidís Play So Kids Can Play
Lost in Translation
Will Taxi Drivers be Called Gondoliers?
Yes, Itís Safe to Fly Again
Tails with Sad Endings
Flying in Cleaner Air
Ruling the Waves by Waving the Rules
Unexplained Death
Delayed Takeoff
Workers with Wetbacks
How Dry We Are
A Room with Bertheux
Creating a Coral Society
Reflections on Independence Day
Baby Tigers Born at The Bali Zoo
Dwelling Time Also a Problem in Bali
Steal Shoes, Get the Boot
FBI Contingent in Route to Bali
A Plague of Less than Biblical Proportions
If I Could Pray with the Animals
Sanur as a Quality Destination
Force Majeure
Paradise has a Darker Side
The Only Disaster is Not Planning
A Problem of Depth Perception
News that Bites
Bumpy Roads Ahead
Saving the Lot
Sydney to Bali for AU$119
Donít Profane Baliís Sacred Sites
Bali without a Cop at the Top
Once Free, Forever Free!
Surya Shines on the Sun Island Group
Staying Above it All in Bali
Before Mountain Blew
Reclaiming our Senses
A Deadly Buzz
Grab the Bus to the Airport
Up a Creek Without a License
Caretakers Until Election Day
Less Militant Ferry Crossings at Gilimanuk
Communicating for Higher Sales
Failing to Meet Ministerial Expectations
Minister: Make that a Double
Buono Appetito!
Have a Smashing Holiday in Bali
A Boatman who Builds Bridges
Cheap Flights to a Cheap Destination
License and Registration, Please
Airworthiness is Next to Net Worth
Et Tu, Polson?
Please, Non-Smoking Flights for Bali
Playing by the Rules?
Elusive Targets
Earth Movers in Paradise
Making Indonesian Eventful for Visitors
Protecting the Worldís Tigers
A Festival of Talent in Baliís Heartland
Indonesia as an Economic Leader
A Dozen Dead
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Trickery
Bali as the Ultimate Escape
Thaiṅkyū Mister Takkhi
A Balinese ĎAlohaí
In The Know
Balinese Need Not Apply!
Ministering to Endangered Dolphins
Thai Concerns
More Seats to Sydney
Baliís Musical North
Good Service is in their Veins
Looming Scandal in Bali Hotel Tax Sector
The Yankees Have Landed
Meetings, Bloody Meetings
Annual Infestation of Bali-bound Bookworms
Mending Fences
Drowning Death On Bali Off-Shore Island
Ancient Links Shared by India and Bali
Jumbo Size Fashion in Bali
Dates Over Lebaran are Dear
Donít Drink and Die
Where Thereís Smoke . . .
Wine as a Spectator Sport
Happy Birthday to You, You Live in a Zoo!
Seeking Relief in High Places
Baliís Seeking a New Chief of Police
Pay at the Door
New HIV/AIDS Infections up 50% in Three Years
After Iím Gone
Managing Growth in Tourist Arrivals
Floating an Idea
To Kingdom Come
Opening the Inner Eye
Dudley Do-Right to the Rescue!
You've Got a Ticket to Ride
Join Baliís Fight Against Breast Cancer
High Prices for an Ailing Infrastructure
Duty Calls!
Ambulance Chasers
Bali to Nusa Penida Ferry Service Disrupted
Elok for Park Regis Kuta
Ash Dashed Vice Presidentís Flight Plans
When Raung Roars Bali Listens
Scoring Points in Kuta
Introducing Go-JEK
Itís Not Nice to Nick in Bali
Fire at BCA Bank in Bali
Dust Off the Record Books
Alleviating the Volcano Crisis
Paying Respects
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Batur Fish Harvest Halved
High Seas Disrupt Domestic Shipping
Bali Tax Office Seeks More Tax From Tourism Sector
Uber and Over
Waterbom Bali Makes a Big Splash
Blowing in the Wind
Cleared for Takeoff
A Delayed Dawning of a New Age of Aquarius
Making Being Hospitable Reciprocal
On Porpoise
Woe is We
A Lack of Enforcement Takes it Toll
Bali Airport Closed for 2nd Time
Naughty Noorís Nest of Killers All Sentenced to Prison
Taking Less of a Toll
Begging, the Problem
Are the Balinese Being Marginalized?
Warning: Cats and Dogs
A Morning of Mourning
Saved from Satay!
Bali Airport Reopens For Business
Chinese Criminals Most Unwelcome in Bali
Bali Hotels Seeking to Help Stranded Passengers
Indonesian Arrivals Up by 60% in 2 Years?
ĎBlowin in the Wind
Turbulence Ahead for Air Asia Indoneisa?
Welcoming the Japanese Guest to Kuta
Mt. Raung Crisis Centers Open at Bali Airport
Be Our Guest!
Rewards for Reaping Grass
Chris Christens Another Culinary Creation
When Things Fail to Add Up
Watching You, From a Distance
Has the Bali Property Boom Gone Bust?
Strokes of Good Luck
Bali Airport; Ready for the Holiday Rush
Kite Flyers Leave Bali in the Dark
PATA Mart Returns to Indonesia
Medan Tragedy
Small Shops Must Stop Selling Beer
Bali Human Cultural Icons
The Man of de Malmanche
The Hills are Alive
When Crew Gets Stomach Flu
Home and Away for the Holidays
The Candy Man Can
A Rainbow Range of Reprimands
Bali Ė Where it Pays to Drink
A Safe Cover Up
Denpasar to Wakatobi
To Market, To Market
Cleared for European Landings
No Smoking Flights
Bali Struggles to Fight Rabies
Professional Golf Come to Bali
Holey, Holey, Holey
Death by Drowning?
When Housekeeping Cleans Up
Picking Up Good Vibrations
Controlling your Employment Branding
Pop! Goes the Hotel
Rules to Apply
Fatal Fall for UK National
Cell Therapy for Former Klunkung Regent
A Flat Property Market
I Did it My Way
Regional Police Cooperation
Giving Peace a Chance
Where the Majority Lives as Minority
The Ideal Balinese Family includes a Ketut
The Sheriff and His Deputy
The Search for Power
Take the Days Off
Libertť, …galitť, Fraternitť
Four Days Only
Monumental Injustice
Feeling Like a Million, or Two
Cathay Flight Crews In Bound for Bali Reunion
Preserving Bali Past While Building its Future
High Entry Costs for Menjangan Island
Kiwi Dies in Kuta
Love and Hope
A Failure to Parent
A Celebration of Song
Come What May?
Have Australians Had Their Fill of Bali?
A Coral Barrier
Traditional Trades Being Weeded Out
Not in Our Name!
Yoga as a Growth Industry
Baliís Well-Connected Air Gateway
Art, Music and Dance by Narwastu
The Day the Music Died
You Ainít Heard Nothing Yet
Garuda Does is Again!
Management Appointment at Four Seasons Sayan
Counting the Counters
A Decade of Dedication to the Community
Bali for the World
Pratama is Pertama
Lion Air Props Up with Record Plane Deal
A Fleeting Moment
Less is More
A Much Needed Slap on the Wrist
Celebrating Bali Arts
Australia Swimming Fatality
Lock Up and Throw Away the Kiwi?
When Your Shop Gets Blocked
Much Maligned; Much Awarded
A Dime Bag will Get you 12 Months
Bali Beach Run
With Immediate Effect
Hard Headed Resistance to the Law
Hello! Holland!
Whoís in Charge at the Port of Benoa?
Jackson to Jack up Sales in Nusa Dua Bali
Keeping MERS at Bay
Retrieving the Spat Dummy
Caught in the Act
The Dark Ages
Itís a Dune Deal
Wellness in Bali
The Rainbow Connection in Bali
The Price is in Rupiah
Aruís in Charge
The French Connection
Cheaper by the Dozen
The Heart that Matters
Free Roaming Dogs Subject to Elimination
Brohez Comes Home to Indonesia & Bali
Rare Enforcement of the Law
Director of Tourism Ministry Officials
The Monkeys Sleep at Night
Maintaining Balance on a Crowded Planet
A Problem of Graduation
Bali Loves a Parade
A Bird in a Gelded Cage
Menjangan: An Isolated Island
Here Comes the Sun
Veteran Marketer Leads Trans Resort Sales
Dili Daily from Bali
Bet You Canít
LombokĖBali Ferry Mishap: Scores Hospitalized
Never Say No to Pinot Noir
Oliver! Oliver!
Ballís Busy Airport
Reptilian Repast
Whereís the Vaccine?
C'est la vie
Bamboozled with Banned Booze
Why Taxis are Called Hacks
Things that Go Buzz in the Night
Berthing in Bali
A Bouncing Two Year Old
Bali Connects to Arab Gulf Air Hub
Bali Arrivals Still in Record Territory
Sky Garden to Close?
Keeping Bali Travel Regulated
Rabies or Brain Infection?
Lebaran: Home for the Holidays
Giving Aging Artists Their Due in Bali
Gutzy Management
Seeking to Curb the Population Explosion
The Aquarians Have Landed
The Wax, Wane & Pain of Baliís Spa Industry
Leading the March to Luxury
Checked in, Checked Out
Chinese Hotel Brand Comes to Bali
Soaking in Baliís North
Like a Rolling Stone
Nusa Penida as Alcatraz
PATA Bali: Ends its Hibernation?
Fee, Feign, Ho, Hum
Power to the People of Bali
Denpasarís Failure to Compete
Keeping Out of Hot Soup
A Coup of Sorts for Baliís Ku De Ta
Food: As Mother Taught us How to Cook
Food, Glorious Food in the Hills of Bali
Australian Boat People Land in Bali
An Uneasy Truce
To the Batcave
Failing to Linger
Beach Assaults
Ending Tobacco Promotion in Denpasar, Bali
A Mynah Violation of the Law
Making Benoa Ship Shape
Spouting Off on Sanur Beach
The Slow Hand of the Law
Drivers Who Take the Wrong Path
Medical Manipulation?
Knowing When to Jab
Landing on Water in Bali
Please Release Me, Let me Go
The Last Picture Show
Counting on the Cantonese
Cultivating Culture in Bali
Mother and Child Reunion
Indonesia Lifts its Game
Gems Can Get You in a Jam in Bali
A Passport to Promotion
Monkey Business is Booming
Where You Gonna Run To?
Hereís to the Ladies Who Cook
Protecting the Worldís Endangered Species
Peacing it Together
Acting with an Abundance of Caution
Careful Planning in an International Marketplace
Hidden Motives
Superb Indian Cuisine by a Master Chef
Things Get Knotty for Naughty Noor
Garuda and LOT to Link Warsaw and Jakarta
Escalating Troubles
Invidious Investor of the North
Broken Crystal
Ducking Traffic Congestion at Baliís Airport
His Love was Like a Funeral Pyre
Worldís Oldest Profession in an Ecommerce Age
Juvenile High Jinks on Baliís Roads
Something Rotten in the Denpasar Palace
First Line of Zoning Enforcement
Opting for Prison Over a Firing Squad
Hard Rock of Ages
What Will We do with These Drunken Sailors?
Narcs that Bark
Terminal Illness
That a Lot of Visitors to Tanah Lot
Donít Leave Your ATM Card Behind
Making a Bad Entrance to Bali
God Gave you a Head. Protect it!
A Steamy Proposition
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Elusive Injections
Keeping Baliís North Pristine
Bali Visa Fees are Big Business
Defying Gravity in Ubud
Too Big for its Own Beaches
Japan and Indonesia: Reciprocal Respect
Strawberry Fields Now Nether
Spending to Keep Indonesian Aviation Safe
From Jero to Hero to Zero
Langham Palace Resort to Open in Bali
The Port of Good Health
A Symbolic Battle
Nepal in our Thoughts
Inbound for a Bali Landing
Olly Olly Oxen Free
Handicaps Welcome
Mack and the Knife that Cuts Both Ways
Feverish Concern
Rabies Widens its Grip
Tear This Wall Down!
Lovina Business at a Low Ebb
Shrinking Time and Distance in Bali
The Governorís Good Health
Dead Manís Float
Cloudy Beer
Questioning the Value of Australian Education
Is Tourism Killing People?
Getting it Back to Nature
Island Fever
Muhammad Comes to the Meridien
Tiny Bubbles, Make Me Feel Fine
The Case of the Missing Room Boy
Making a Mark in Jimbaran
Working Holidays in a Bali a ďNo NoĒ
Hello! Sailor
Keeping the Flavor Local
A Solution to Baliís Deepening Water Crisis
Keeping the Lid On
The End is Near
The Balinese Body Electric
Jakarta Abandons a Lost Cause?
Keeping Rabies on the Run
Balinese Voices: The Development of Tourism
Northern Light and Power in Bali
Holiday Sadly Interrupted
Laid Back Dining Comes to Seminyak
Surging Numbers But Still Hungry for More Arrivals
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Happy Landings and Takeoffs
A Three-Penny Opera
99 Bottles of Beer in Bali, 99 Bottles of Beer
How to Keep Bali Sustainable?
Crime Most Vulgarian
Guiding Lights
Keeping Aviation Financially Sustainable
Hotels Trumps Mangrove
Study Tourism on the Island of the Gods
Great Air Deals from USA to Bali
I am Woman, Hear me Roar!
Bali Chefs Plan a Beachhead
Reclaiming the Moral High Ground
Unquenchable Thirst
Brazen Bogans on Nusa Lembongan?
A Need for Better Social Security
The Wedding Bell Blues
Dog Gone It!
Rumah Sakit Sehat
Fixing Prices
Adding to the Armada
Running for Someone Elseís Life
Call to Arms
Uniform Disorder
The Card Youíre Dealt
It Must have been Something they Drank
Luck be a Lady
Please Come to Bali
Development Takes its Toll
Before the Fall
Models of Impropriety
Getting Hounded in Bali
How Much is that in Real Money?
Russian Tourist on Extended Stay in Bali
Objection to the Rules
Sunday Best in Ubud
The Beach Belongs to Everyone
New Beer Regulations Will Apply in Bali
A Now for Something Completely Different
Hear Ye, Hear Ye
A Place in Bali to Rome
Lunch Under Sail in Bali
Miracle Cure by the Bowlful
A Capital Idea
Criminals Posing as Tourists
Striking a Healthy Balance in Bali
Patients Must be Patient
Whatís the Buzz?
Bali: No Home for Foam
The Boss at Alila Seminyak
State of Baliís Economy
Bali Deports Cyber Criminals
Upgrading Immigration Service in Bali
Melia International Bullish on Bali
No, Minister!
Bali X Files
Save the Mangrove
Singapore's Proactive Support of Tourism
Enough is Enough!
The Remains of the Day
In Depth Exploration of Komodo
High Cost of Road Building in Bali
Misguided Policy
Chinese as Top Inbound Market for Bali?
The Need to Be Prepared
All Things Japanese at InterContinental Bali Resort
Celebrate Motherhood on Motherís Day
Batik Air Adds Second Jakarta Base of Operations
Bali Becoming Less Green?
Bali Seeking More Chinese Tourists
Dealing Radically with Radicalism
You Canít, But You Can
Chedi Bids Tanjung Benoa Farewell
Anaís in Charge
Donít Climb Every Mountain in Bali
A Peopleís Party
Matricide is a No-No in Paradise
Middle East Traffic to Bali Poised to Boom
Harping for Harpers in Bali
Bali Entertains Indian Travel Agents
More Cheap Flights Bali to Taiwan & Melbourne
Dismantling the Watchtower
Bike, Run and Swim in Bali
Meet in Bali
Fragrant Wine for the Fragrant Harbor
Admission Tickets on the Increase
When People Leave their Manners at Home
Conrad Living Lobby Art Exhibition
Going with the Grain
Fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil
Safety Ranking for Indonesian Airlines
We Only Have Eye for You!
Indonesiaís Waterloo?
Missing at Sea
Permission to Work
Planning for the Coming Surge
Making Bali Arrivals Easier
Rao Reign at Two Resorts
Ubud, Bali Among the Worldís Best
Travel Accessible to All
ĎTill Middle Kingdom Come
The Language Barrier
Sinitic Solutions to Semantical Problems
How to Curry the Indian Travel Market
Workers with Warranties
When it Isnít Reciprocal
Bali Still in Fashion
Nyepi Takes a Toll on Tolls
Whirlybird, Whirlybird, Where are You?
Nyepi for the World
Less than 3 Months to BBTF 2015
Cleared of Landings and Takeoffs
Reduced Thirst for Power
When Good Friday Gets Even Better
Our Islands Arenít Moveable
Birth Behind Bars
Quantity Before Quality
Giving Young Indonesians the Business
Balinese Culture: On the Extinction List?
3 Months Jail for Russian Thief
45 Countries Granted Free Visas in 2015
Bali Ė the Directorís Cut
The Greatest Journeys Start Within
Bali: Where Ronny Rules the Roost
A Dozen Million
Bali Gets its Own Search & Rescue Ship
Thirst on Tropical Beaches
The Rewards of Reciprocity
Baliís Island Getaway
Whatís All the Fuss About Security?
Naumannís on an Island
Chefs with Chopsticks
A Bali Resident of Note
Overlooking the Obvious
A Passage from India
When Officials Come Knocking
Working for the Yankee Dollar
Eight Meters of Illegality
A Bet that Failed
There Goes the Welcome Mat!
Bali Has a Major Narcotics Problem
Pop Goes the Rupiah!
A Quarter-Century of Smooth Sailing
All in the Family
19 Nations Eligible for Visa-Free Status
The Beach with No Beer
Shopaholic Therapy in Nusa Dua
Bali on the Run
Short of Breath
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (in Rupiahs)?
Garuda Singularly Safe in Indonesia
Hearing Only What They Want to Hear
Bali Hamlets Powered by the Sun
In the Best of Taste
Bad News for Nominee Land Ownership
Sacrilege in the Pursuit of Profit
ĎTill Kingdom Come
Itís in the Smile of the Kids
More Trolleys and Seating at a Cleaner Bali Airport
The Broad White Way of Bali
The Narrow Passage to Paradise
Bless the Beasties
Change of Command at Bali Police
Fire Island
Drowning in Trash
Quite Dawn to 2015 for Indonesian Arrivals
Asking a Lot
Balinese Killed in Tourist Bus Collision
Meet in Bali
Caught on Film
Containing Societyís Refuse
Chinese Honors for Bali Travel Products
Giving Bali a Sporting Chance
Tense Testing Ahead
Boxing Day Ė Three Months Late
Honorary Diplomats to Meet in Bali
The Fate of a Russian Bag Lady
Bali Tourism to Rebrand
Clive Climbs to the Top at AYANA Resort
Bridging the Gulf to Bali
Sandalwood and Jasmine under SailSensation
Women Transforming the World from Bali
The Importance of Lighting Rods
Pay More at the Door
Less Time in Lines at Baliís Airport
Baliís Fading Identity
Lifeís a Breeze in Nusa Dua
Allowing Bali to Compete Internationally
A Bachelorís Party in Paradise
Leave Your Valuables at Home
Teaching the Rules of the Road
Women in Love
Swim, Bike and Run in Paradise
Abuse of Power
Large Earthquake in Flores Felt in Bali
All Decked Out
Making Bali Accessible to Dialysis Patients
Keep on Truckiní
Thou Shall Not Smoke!
Making Baliís Welcome More Welcoming
Increasing Provincial Tax Revenues
A Beach Wrap Around
Whoís Flies on Time?
Putting a Lion in a Cage
Power Held Hostage
We Make People Wait
Port Out, Starboard Home
Seeking Reciprocation - Fair Dinkum?
Breezy Bali
Seven Star Global Luxury Awards
Kidís Play
Empty Threats
Wackrow to Whack No More
Seeking Gold from Quiksilver
Bali Has Strong Start to 2015
They Still Call Denpasar Home
The Serpent's Revenge
Brazil Nuts
Roads and Rails for Bali
Baliís Capital Hit by Flooding
With a Steadfast Aim to Execute
The Capacity to Carry More
Too Many Customers, Not Enough Electricity
Baliís Better on Bike
Khong Hee Fat Choy!
Itís Alimentary, My Dear Naumann
The Middle Kingdom Comes
Chinese Checkers who Cheat
We Get Mail!
Baliís Beaches are Public Land
Bal Toll Road Blamed for Flooding in Bali
Combustible Kiosks
DK 1234 ABC
Mass Rabies Vaccination in April 2015
Cutting the Monkeyís Business
Transparent Ticketing
Cleanliness Begins at Home
Yachts in Baliís Basin
A Paperwork Failure
The Right to Respond
New Village Pre School Opens in Ubud
The Gentrification of Kuta's Back Lanes
Big Bird Versus Little Bird
The Chinese are Coming
Top 5 Complaints Listed by Bali Visitors
Fabioís Fabulous Fare Comes to Bali
Back to Nature in Style
A Drug Dependent Relationship?
Ni Hao Ma?
The Shirt Off Your Back
Home Free
When Snake Fruit Prices Slither and Slide
Three New Tsunami Towers for Bali
Beautifying the Peopleís Victory
Listen to the Quiet
A Number to Double by 2019?
We Interrupt this Broadcast
Doubling Jeroís Jeopardy
Less than Totally Secure
Building Sustainable Tourism Communities
You Wonder Where the Culture Went
Pay at the Door
Everyone Can Fly Ė But Only with Permission
Will You Love Me When Iím 64?
Itís a Dune Deal
Valentines Day: Chinese Style
The Chicken Does Not Always Lose
Stop! In the Name of Law
Not According to Plan
Donít Profane Baliís Sacred
Flying by the Rules
National Tourism Arrivals Up 7.2% in 2014
No Tears over Spilt Beer
Indian Travel Agents to Meet in Bali
High Social Cost of Tobacco Use in Indonesia
Landing Badly
Designerís Drugs
Zero Rate of Return
When Parents Wonít be Parents
Splish, Splash Somebody Cares for Me!
The Sky is Falling
A Thirsty Airport
Dog Gone
The Shop with No Beer
Mother May I?
A Fatal Slippery Slope
Deadly Decision to Deal
Fly me to the Ginger Moon
An Epidemic of Death
A Toothless Tiger
Tourism Minister Visits Bali
Take Me for What I Am
When Policemen Take License
International Crime Busters
Left Holding the Bag
Altitude Sickness
Service Charge Included
Bali Crack Down on Illegal Workers in 2015
Five Stars in the Indonesian Skies
Not on Our Island
RIP: Christian Vannequť 1949-2015
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Chinese Tourism to Bali Booming
Elderly German Dies on Bali Holiday
Dietzsch to Enrich Dining in Westin Nusa Dua
Higher Level of Consumer Protection Needed
Revolusi Mental: Drivers Licenses in Bali
Paris Comes to Bali
2014: The Year that Was
The Sky Knows No Limit
Best if Not Shot in Bali
Seeking 20 Million Tourist Visitors
Home Alone
Keeping Landings Happy
Bali to Regulate Hotel Tariffs
English as the Key to Success
Last Round up at the Circle K Corral?
Death in Room 221
Bali to Select Regional Chiefs in 2015
Sooner. Rather than Later
TripAdvisorís Top Ten in Bali and Java
Who Owns the Sari Club?
OZ-Indonesian Relations Not Drug Dependent
No Longer on the Run
Gourmands in Chains
Two Mates Facing a Tragic Fate
Baliís Biggest Losers
. . .And Weíll Blow Your House Down
Is Baliís New Bangli Prison Legal?
Incredible India
Justice Delayed. Justice Denied?
Road Block No More
Beachside Evening of Fine Food and Wine
After Sale Isolation
A Diplomatic Retreat
Ride a Mile on My Wheels
Stop Hogging the Roads in Bali
No More MaŮana
Does Size Really Matter?
A Misguided Policy for Aviation
Bongs on Nusa Lembongan?
Management or Labor to Blame?
Day of Judicial Reckoning Nears for Noor
A Booming Bali
The Bane of Brisbane
Non-Stop to the Heart of the Middle Kingdom
Putting it all On Line
Monumental Competition
Too Many Rooms
Bali's Presidential Palace's on Shaky Ground
Free at 97
Ahoy! Bali
Where Thereís Will, Thereís Good Food
Extended Length of Stay
Dotting ďIísĒ and Crossing ďTísĒ
Crystal Ball Gazing
Give on to God . . .
Bali Can be Beastly for the Balinese
An Eye for an Eye
Caged for Three Decades
Keeping Cancer on the Run in Bali
When Only the Best will Do
Higher and Higher
As Those That Cannot See
Much Ado About Nothing
A Final Uphill Climb
An Abundance of Caution
Cell Therapy for Drug Offenders
His Lips Were Moving
The Ladyís Not for Striking
Cloudy Skies in a Troubled Garden
A Case of Ownerís Negligence?
A Day at the Bali Museum
We Get Mail!
How to Fill a Hotel with Paying Guests
Surabaya Travel Alert
Price of Premium Drops in Bali
Seeking to Cover Health Costs for the Poor
Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk
Being Less Romantic
Open for Monkey Business
Having a Blast on New Years Eve
But Never on a Sunday
Crime stoppers: Bali
This Callís for You
Storming Weather Sends AirAsia to Bali
Not in the Mood to Party
Big Brother is Watching
Where are the Tourists?
Raising the Bar on Air Safety
Endangered: Environmental Activists in Indonesia
Weight Discrimination
Garuda Reducing Flights to Japan
We Vant Your Blood
A Night Most Silent
Holiday Hampered
The Fools on the Hill
The Birds and the Bees in Bali
Getting into Hot Water in Bali
Justice is Blind; The Doomed are Blindfolded
In a Holding Pattern for Landing
Do Not Enter itís New Years Eve in Kuta
Silent Night, Peaceful Night
Indonesian Tourism Boom Targeted to Continue
Infectionately Yours
The Spice of Life
Biting Commentary
Where to Eat in a Pinch
Cry Freedom!
In Godís Name
Job Hopping to Harpers
Northern Migrations
Health and Happiness in Bali in the New Year
When Men Shouldn't Carry Purses in Bali
Keeping the Ladies of Bali in the Pink
The Dangers of Roadside Relief
Baliís Loses Much-Loved Tourism Pioneer
Fun & Sun Costs More in South Bali
Fire in East Denpasar
Mantra for Difficult Times
Be Prepared
When Sleighs Wonít Do
When a Bay Becomes a Quagmire
4.25 Million Foreign Tourists to Bali in 2015?
That Takes the Lot!
Shanghaied No More
Different Strokes Apply in Bali
Bali Non-Stop to Cairn, Australia
Symphony of Feeling
Imagine That
A Million Rupiahs Isnít What it used to Be
I Spy a New Matahari
Bali Security Cranked Up
Putting on the Ritz, Again
No More Dog and Pony Shows, Please!
For Instant Gas Relief
A Sinking Feeling
What a Difference a Day Makes
When is Enough, Enough?
Tax and Service Included
From the Past, into the Present, for the Future
What's Cooking for Christmas?
90% Arrivals from Domestic & Regional Sources
Sounds of the Season
Lavishing on our Lavatories
Benoa Bay: Ankle Deep in Troubles
The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shores
The Law School of Big Locks
Mountain High Prices
Bali:What Rules?
New Flight Formation at Garuda Indonesia
Less than Crystal Clear
Do you DK?
Twasí the Night Before Christmas in Bali
His Plumbing Made Him Panic
The Magical Mystery Tour is Over
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
Relax Before Flying in Bali
Russian Tourist on 20-Year Bali Stopover
Take me to the Pilot
Toot, Toot, Tootsie
In Indonesia, We Like our Airplanes Fat
Uneasy Rider
Asia Presented Pictorially
Keeping in Touch When You Travel
Never Could Say Good-Bye
Stalking Success
Pepť Le Pew? Is that You?
Permission, After the Fact
Inspired by Natureís Open Spaces
Can We Have this Dance?
Waka Hotel & Resort Group Growing
Preparing for Disasters
The Games Up
Money to Burn
In Case of Emergency: Dial 110
Waving at Bali as They Fly By
German Dies in East Bali Road Mishap
3 Million Ė Thatís a Lot for Tanah Lot
Spanning Time and Space
Keeping Sanur Sustainable
Sadly Quixotic De Malmanche
A Final Resolution Before New Years
Garuda Losses Continue to Mount
Canít We Meet, Please?
Home for the Holidays
A Lump of Coal for Merpati this Christmas?
How to Grow a Relationship
Badung Regency Honors Bali's Best Taxpayers
Canberraís Man in Jakarta
A Room with a View to Culture
Barbarians at the Gate
Holiday Glee from the Heart of Bali
Seeking to Sell to Tourists
Canceled Shore Leave
Bali is Running Out of Water
Zebras of a Different Strip
1/3 Gram of Heroin Equals 9-Months Prison
Baliís Best of the Best List
Lombok for Australian Tourists
Last Green Mile
Value of Life Measured in Months
Make Room at the Top for Garuda
Flying Dutchmen
Crackdown on Illegal Workers Continues
Sergy the Shoplifter
An Error in Conjugation
Celebrity Has its Price
Long Lines at the Gates to Paradise
Get in Line
Sky High Sales
Resting on a on Dock in the Bay
Enroll in a School of Fishes
Meritus Bali Seminyak Resort and Spa
Hereís to Bali Life!
Blame it on Rio!
Donít Like the Price? Try Walking.
Cracking a Brazil Nut
Come Let Us Pray
Reducing Fatal Snakebites in Indonesia
Imprisoned on Appeal
Snatch Thieves, Catch Thieves
Prisoners of Paradise
Roadside Banditry
Where to Lunch in Ubud
Refusing Treatment Proves Fatal for Arab Tourist
Asiaís Best Street Food in a Single Locale
Saved from the Satay Grill
Man of the People
A Dozen Years for Homicide
Fire in Ubud
Gone, Fishing
Poste Restante for Pick Up in 5-20 Years
In the Event of an Actual Emergency
Become a Rock ĎN Roll King
The Ferry Godfather
Sanur Welcomes the Fairmont
Asia-Pacific Airlines to Gather in Bali
Swept Out to Sea
Pertamina Making Aviation Uncompetitive?
Splitting Hairs
B2B Air Commerce: Bali to Beijing
Cruisiní for a Bruisiní
Fuelís Gold
The Yak Awards 2014
Youíre One in Three or Four Million
The Very Bare Necessities
How You Going to Keep Them Down on the Farm
And the Verdict is . . .
Bali Safari Marine Park Celebrates 7th Anniversary
President Widodo Pauses in Paradise
Philippine Taxi Drivers in Bali?
The Rupiah Rules
Profits Disappearing into Thin Air
A Case of Reverse Thrust
Raising Indonesiaís Aviation Game
Pay as You Go
Naked Came the Chef
Surprise Package
Get on the Bus, Gus!
Please Stop the Song and Dance
River of Tears
South Bali as an International Cruise Port
Giving a Jumper a Boost
Romeroís Ongoing Romance with Bali
Hotel Aston Denpasar Declared Insolvent
The Dangers of being Overweight
Inns on the Out with the Government
Run for Some Elseís Life
Toilet Water
Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Aging Tourists on Motorcycles
The Waiting Can Kill
The Rainbow Connection for Positive People
Denied Boarding
What Part Donít You Understand?
Bali Losing its Zest
Less Than Special Welcome for Baliís VIPs
Doubling Indonesiaís Tourism in 5 Years
Room at the Top
Promise or Smoke Screen?
Containing Contagion
Abracadabra and Simsalabin
Taking the Bite Out of a Bali Holiday
Keeping Baliís Mangrove Unchanged
Please Feed the Animals
Abandon Ship
A Case of Misadventure
AirAsia Offering Better Connections Via Bali
Private Sector in Flight Command
Baliís Economy Shows Sign of Slowing
Pay and be Done with It
Money on the Right Horse
Check Out for Children in Kuta, Bali
Meet, No Gravy
When Bali Chefs Sit Down to Lunch
Chilies as an Economic Indicator
Removing Obstacles to Tourism Growth
The Open Skies of ASEAN
Power to Indonesian Accommodation Providers
Hungry on a Sunday
Where Crabby Old Men Eat
Once Bitten
Better Tourist Visitor Service Needed
For the Kids
Law, What Law?
Itinerant Workers Drown in Bali
Missing at Sea
Tourism Problems Come in Fours
When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
Now, Let us Pray
Bali's Man at the Presidential Palace
Vox Populi in Bali
Conned by Condotels?
When Government Fail to Act
Indonesia's Minister of Tourism: Arief Yahya
Xmas Start for AirAsia X Bali-Melbourne Flights
Tourism Drawing Lines in the Sand
Putting Bad Moneychangers Out of Business?
Beyond Bali
Be it Never so Humble
The Path Less Taken
Dry Brollies in Bali
In Bali Exquisite Music is Child's Play
More is Less
Nusa Penida Conservation Fees to Increase
A Failure to Deliver
Surf's Up
Keeping the Welcome Balinese
This Place is for the Birds
Donít Look Now!
Baliís Flushed Away Success
Seeking Permission to Land
Murder at Bali Emerald Villas in Sanur, Bali
Fighting Malaria in Bali
November Fuel Price Hike Increasingly Certain
Harmony Inside
Living in an Age of Contagion
Denpasar to Dili Daily
Picking Fave Ė orites
Bali and Beyond: Reading on Borneo
Adolescent Desires
Change Has Gotta Come
Itís Beginning to Look a Lotte Like Christmas
Heinz's 100 Varieties of Indonesian Cuisine
We Get More Mail!
Who Owns Baliís Heritage
The Gods Must be Irritated
Sauvetage en Mer
Chefs Al Fresco in Sanur Bali
World Travel Agents to Meet in Bali
Travel May be Ebolaís Biggest Victim
Human Charity Ė On the House
Passing Gas
Ignoring the Protests
Ease of Access
A Dozen Years Laden with Tears
The Dining Event of the Year
Hacks that Smack Back
Retirement Plans
A Failure to Stay Clear
Soaring Leadership
New Man in Charge at Hard Rock Bali
Clift Hanging Weddings in Bali
Inaugural ICE Conference
Baliís Full Moon to Shine Brighter
Cementing the Islandís Mythology
Streaming Illegality
The Dark Side of Paradise
Setting the Standards for Health
Many Unhappy Returns
The Tragic Refuse of Baliís Teeming Shores
A Packet Full of Woe
Got the Wedding Bell Blues
Bali, Where the Beach Rushes to Meet You
Courting the Chinese Market
Remembering Our Gentle Ben
Touching the SKY
Indonesia Fit for Travel
Dangers of a Twilight Swim
Golden Tulips Bloom in Bali
Tippling on the Job
Flying to the Max
Taking it on the Nose
Who Guards the Coldstream Hills?
In a Holiday Mood
Terminal Folly
Making Yourself Understood in Bali
Our Numbers are Up
We Must Go Down to the Sea Again
The Rules are for Other Folks
A Hierarchy of Power
Birdie, Eagle or Par!
Fading Souvenirs
Japanese Woman Found Dead in Ubud Bungalow
Royal Penance
Pump Up the Prices
To Catch a Thief
Playing Taps in Bali
Spat his Dummy
Jembrana Regency: To Serve and Protect?
Seeking the Chinese Holidaymaker
Development at What Cost?
Change of Guard in Bali
Waiting for My Letter from Brussels
A Bridge Over Troubled Traffic
A Ghastly Idea
Precarious Position of Baliís Australian Market
How Dry We Are
In Florida Until Retirement?
South Baliís Welcome by Sea
Eastern Promise
Japan Beckons
A Kiwi Courting Criminal Charges
Carte ŗ Jouer
A President in a Class All His Own
We Get Mail!
Canggu Drowning Victim
Meetings, Bloody Meetings!
Running for Hearth and Home
Two Decades for Depraved Decadence
Until Kingdom Come
Power to Accommodation Owners
When a Leg Fails to Cooperate, Shoot it
This is Your Wake Up Call
Tax Avoidance
It Must Have been Something he Et!
Bali High in a Survey
Bali Still A Winner for Smart Travelers
A Situation Most Taxing
Parting Thoughts from Minister Pangestu
Regent Out, Fairmont In
Sensual Hospitality in Bali
Green with Enticements
Mobilizing the Community
Making a Beachhead on Environmental Care
Garuda Reaps its Awards
Air Fares that are Laissez Faire
A Darwinian Devolution
Weíre Going to Change the World!
Flying High and Fancy with Garuda
Chicago Lovers Come Clean in Bali
Factory Direct
Cleared for More Landing?
Longer Hauls; Lower Fares
An Enigma of Non-Arrival
Happy Landings Galore
When the Past is Pasta
They Have to be Carefully Taught
Is the Under Over?
Merpati at an Impasse
Hop, Skip and a Ticket to Ride
Middle Kingdom Fluency
Gaseous Inflation
Smash, Cash and Carry
Funny Money
A Wing, A Prayer, a Higher Price
Can Do, Can Do, They Say that Horse Can Do!
Djokoís Gone Walkabout in Niugini
Dereliction of Duty by Baliís Regulators?
Harambee, Buana! Harambee!
Holiday of No Return
Roller Coaster Effect
Climb Every Other Mountain
We Have a Search Warrant!
Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2015
Have Lunch with Bali's Best Chefs
Thai-Style Hospitality Comes to Bali
Service Included
Waldorf . . . .Make it a Double
Monumental Exports
TV Dinners
Citilink Not for Sale to Low Bidders
Misguided, at Best
Driven to Drink and Corruption?
Pulling the Plug on Lake Batur Festival
Tourism as a Job Generator
Property Speculators Beware
Alila Villa Soori Responds
A Very Short Term
A Second Traffic Underpass for Bali?
Traffic Changes At Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport
Domestic Air Terminal Opens in Bali
Ladies in Love with Bali
Immersing Students in the Culture of Bali
Stopping a Cycle of Madness
A Holiday Potpourri of Music
Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly to Jail
An Island with Many Empty Rooms
The Taxing North of Bali
90% of Baliís arrivals from Regional Sources
Got the Message?
Lions Never Have to Say They're Sorry
Less than Forthright
Take a Hike!
Singing Up a Storm to Help Children
Dining Out at Prego in Nusa Dua
Ten Cool Hands in Luke's Kitchen
Noosa Man Missing at Nusa Penida
Minister Jero Wacik Resigns
Wanted: Bouncers in Bali
Garuda to Dili Daily
Ups and Down of Indonesian Aviation
A Lion's Share of Blame
Indonesia's Tourism Economy is Booming
Greed Precedes the Bust
Good Morning Vietnam!
Making Tracks in Bali
And the Cabinet was Bare
Leading in Legian
The Bali Land Grab
An Epic Visit
Bali's Busy Airport
Reclaiming Sanity
Go Go Gadget
A Flood of Newcomers in Bali
School Daze
Plain Spoken about Tourism
Bali Training the Worldís Green Leaders
Walk a Mile in Their Shoes
Gypsy at the Wheel
It's a Jungle Out There
Tough Rules for Hotel Permits in Kuta, Bali
For Fans of Fantinel
A Park for Pedestrians
We've Got Rhythm!
Run for Someone Elseís Life
In Style and Safety to Gili Trawangan
In Urgent Need of Connections
The Stark Truth About Drinking Beer
Signs of Corruption
Diminishing Staying Power of Bali's Home Stays
The World Through Rose Colored Wine Glasses
Looking for Borneo
Give Us a Sporting Chance to Earn a Living
Smashing Success Seven Years Running
A Most Rude Awakening
Hattens in Bali is Paradise Enow
Bali Treats its Poor Poorly
Bolllywood is Calling!
Tourists Who Shop ĎTill They Drop
Major Bali Condotel Deal Signed for Jimbaran
GWK Reopens
Join a Table of Chefs
Roadblock Ahead
Chefs Who Play Golf
Coming Bubble for Condotels in Bali?
Better Safe than Sorry
Winning Combination
Presidential Summit
Lost and Presumed Dead
You'll Need a Number
English Tourist Dies in Kuta
Far and Away Forever
Vector at Sea
A Sinful Indulgence
A Trip of a Lifetime
The Cost of Life (Saving) is Cheap
The Bare Facts
Ill, Fated
Indonesia to Double Tourism Totals in 5 Years?
Bali as a Seaside Destination
Bali: Heaven or Hell?
Farming Still an Economic Centerpiece in Bali
On the Street Where You Live
Music that Heals
Arresting Drug Development
A Day and Night at the Museum
Kura Kura: New Local Travel Option in Bali
Bali Prepares to Fight Ebola
New Road for Tanjung Benoa?
Leave it to a Professional
Mind Your ďQsĒ and ďPeesĒ
Bless our Beasts
Those in Peril on the Sea
Konnichiwa and Selamat Datang
Medical Law and Ethics
A Great Notion for a Great Nation
A Bad Bargain
Designer Drug Makes Bali Debut
Bali's Pet Smuggling Trade
Tourism: The Unfinished Revolution
Dangerous Descent
Unplanned Stopover in Paradise
When Wages Take Flight
A Bali Holiday Gone Terribly Wrong
BII Maybank Bali Marathon September 14, 2014
Take This, You Swine
Merpati: Reaching a Point of No Return?
Ferry Crossing Fares Set to Rise
The End of Cheap Electricity
Fame Awaits You on Kuta Beach
A Bumís Rush
After Satar, Siapa?
They've Got to Be Carefully Taught
Garudaís Cash Crunch
Bring Back the Night of Tropical Splendor
Bali as a Sports Destination
Major Port Fire in Bali
Sanur is Humming this August
The Stars Shine Bright on Seminyak Beach
Bali Pay for View
Hating You Means Never Having to Say Iím Sorry
Lebaran 2014: Safer to Travel
Children at Play in Bali
Itís Yu Turn
Suspended Exhilaration
The Fruit of our Labors
The Road Less Traveled
Hospitality Golf Party
The Battle for Bali
Fill in the Blanks
Tektok, Whoís There?
5 Months Awaiting Trial
Keeping Official Travel Economical
Narcotics Warning
Visitors More Welcome than New Residents
Bali is a Bargain
Bejeweled Bali
Going Ape Wild in Bali
How Do You Plead?
A Limited Welcome
Bali Adds More China Flights
Straight Talk on HIV/AIDS
Tell Bali, Jackie Chan Sent Us
Preying on Travelers
Deadly Kids' Play
And the Winner Is . . . .
If this is Tuesday, it Must be Bali!
Endless Summer
Red Glare on Baliís East Coast
When High Season Becomes Shoulder Season
Holding Meetings in Bali to Steal Funds
Cooking in the Middle Kingdom
Pausing for a 'Cuppa' Before Take-Off
Have You Been to Bali, Too??
A 15-year Impasse
Rising Costs Dent Garudaís Finances
Mellow is the Night in Ubud
Indonesian Independence Meets Ferragosto
Noble Surrender
The Connection Between Trash and Rabies
Local Teens Drown in Northeast Bali
Stop the Press
Loose Connections
Things That Go Bump in the Night
A Shocking Tragedy
A Voice from Ukraine. A Voice from Beyond
Calling all F&B Professionals
Bali, Mystical and Darkly Magic
The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Jazz
Tree of Death
Interrupted Journey to Paradise
Colorfast Rainbow
Show Them the Door
Seeking a Lionís Share of Jetstar
A Disgusting Shell Game
A Decade of Thanks
Need a Lift?
Keeping an Eye on the Situation
Service at the Highest Level
A Veiled Threat to Balinese Culture
Indonesia after SBY
Morning of the World
Aging Gracefully
Garuda Avoids Ukraine Over Flights
Fire at Sea
And the Emperor Wore No Clothes
Suffering from Superficial Vision
Beachside Blaze
8th Edition of Bali Meeting Guide
And the Winner Is . . . .
Urgently Looking for Alp!
A Chinese Cultural Revolution
Johnny Walker Plain White Label?
When Bali Schools Play Hookey
Into the Darkness
Shorter in Paradise
Taxation without Consultation
Voting and Flying Don't Mix
Lined Up for Take Off
Trained in the U.S.A.
Celebrating Indonesian Cuisine
Hide and Seek
Counting the Damage
It's a Bali Holiday . . . Inn
Ozzie Rules
The Suite Life
Put Him in a Lock-Up Ďtill Heís Older
Expect the Chinese Market to Bali to Grow
Police Confiscate 10 Dogs Being Smuggled into Bali
Making a Remarkable Difference
Indonesia Votes!
Keeping Indonesia's Hotels Ďin the Gameí
The Falling Leaves
For Whom the Bell Tolls
At Journeyís End
Taxing for Training
A False Sense of Security
Itís Nice to Share
The Fools on the Hill
Arriving in Style
Where the Boys Are
Peak Holiday Period Ahead
Slap on the Wrist?
Belgian Dies in Ubud
Delayed Arrival
Fire Sale
Pay at the Door
Before the Fall
Monumental Ubud
For Heís A Jolly Good Fellow
Reading and Writing on Saraswati Day
The Michelin Man Times 2
HIV/AIDS' Heavy Toll in Paradise
Itís a Bird, Itís a Plane, Itís Pizza!
Remembering Lempad
Is the Party Over?
Putting Kids First
Northern Honors
Itís a Bitch When You Steal
Got the Picture?
Iberian Culinary Intrigue
Our World Cup Runneth Over
Barbarians at the Gate
No Strings Attached
Next Port-of-Call: Paradise
Bon Voyage
Garuda Committed to Nation Building
Manís Best Friend No More
Domestic Tranquility
Remote Area Parking at Baliís Airport
From Russia With Love
Hedging its Bets
Theyíve all Gone to Brazil
Seeking a Five-Finger Discount
Baliís Disappointing Airport
Ubud is a Village
Whiffenpoofs x 4
A Roman Way
Unwanted Aroma Therapy
One Leg Left to Stand On
Penny Pinching on Promotion
Smoke Shops
Remembering Your Place
Frida Kahlo as a Role Model
Waiting to be Charged
Water is Not for Free
The Road to Boston Via Bali
The Art of Relaxation
Death in Baliís West
Shanghaied from China to Bali
An Ubud Ending
Baliís Economy on the Upswing
Fond of Their Founders
TigerAir Mandala to Close July 1, 2014
Bali as an Island of Artists
Crash Test Dummies
Reclaiming Protest
High Level Maintenance
The Ginger Kid
Donít Let the Lights Go Out
Bali Kite Festival
Connecting to Nusa Penida
No Ships on Tanah Ampoís Horizon
To Catch a Thief
Honoring Baliís Governor
What Shouldnít Happen in Bali
17 Years Instead of a Bullet
31 Years of Extending a Balinese Welcome
The Hotel Job
High Speed WiFi in Bali
Unity in Diversity
President Opens Bali Arts Festival
Picture This
Lame Duck Legislation
Where is Wisnu?
Pants on Fire?
Tourism as a Political Platform
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
Promoting the Land of His Birth
Cheaper by the Dozen
In the Navy
An Underground Movement
Rabies Bites
Mechanized Culture?
Baliís Presidential Palace
Making Education Affordable in Bali
Five Years in the Brig?
The Sky has Fallen
Bali's Anti-Smoking Governor
Conventional Corruption
Far from Full
Keeping Democracy Safe
Developing Problems and Solutions
Deportasi Gisondi, Please
Altitude Limitations
Brought to Justice
Jetstar to End Lombok Service
Making the Sacred Less Profane
What Domestic Tourists to Bali Like
Norwegian Would?
The Answer's in the Stars
Indonesiaís Bubbling Ring of Fire
Certifiable Bules
More Carnage on Baliís Roads
Smile! You're on Crime Watch
A Sunset on High Crime?
Baliís Coming Glut of Condotels
Grazing Closer to Home
Halfway There
Adopting a National Identity
Bali Targets 6% Growth for all of 2014
Promoting Indonesian Filmmaking at Cannes
But, Never, Never on a Sunday
Reigning Cats and Dogs
At GHM's Be-Hess
Pass the Sultanas
Making Farming Pay in Bali
Up High Where the Air is Rarified
A Direct Dutch Treat
Where are the Russians?
Shifting Fortunes in Southeast Asian Travel
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Keeping Baliís Tourism Image Clean
Forgetting to Share
Unwanted Change
A New, Younger You Awaits
The Piedmont of Perfection
Moscato díBali
Working to Eliminate Rabies
Making Kutaís Byways Safer
Tourist Canít Teach
Be Careful in the Kingdom
Bali at the Breaking Point
Hello, Dolly!
Crime Stoppers
Crime as an Equal Opportunity Oppressor
Beat it with a Club in Bali
Crime in Paradise
33% More Airplanes in a Single Year
Bumper to Bumper in Bali
Cleared for Landing at Kubutambahan
A Month-Long Tribute to the Arts
Making Tracks in Bali
Batik Fashioned in Australia
AirAsia Seeks More Lucrative Routes
Not the Right Sort of Welcome to Bali
Danger After Dark in Bali
Unwanted Neighbors
A Failure to Control
Blowing in the Wind
Grandpa, How Could You?
Desertion at Sea
Paying More to Sail Around Indonesia
Too Much a Good Thing
Halal Helloís
Day to Remember; A Video Worth Watching
Hail Blue Bird Taxi in Bali on YourSmart Phone
Baliís Vanishing Agricultural Sector
Being Shown the Door in Bali
Canvassing for Drug Sales
Straighten Up and Fly Right
To Those in Peril on the Seas
And the Sea is Very Still Once More
An Australian Homecoming
Job A ĎPlenty in Bali
Where the Jobs Are
Naked Justice
Hello Bandung! Hello Badung! Hello Panghegar!
Some Like their Hotel Hot!
In Diplomacy Does ĎNoí Mean ĎMaybeí?
Seeds of Hope for Bali and the World
Adolescent Angst on Stage
Come Fly with Me!
Long Term Parking Available
An Ipamena Boondoggle?
No Refund, No Return
Street Violence in Bangli
Failing to Linger
How Does Your Middle Kingdom Grow?
The Risks of ĎHighí Flight
Up on the Roof
Round Midnight
The Italian Job
Making Kidís Play of Your Next Holiday
A French Chateau on a Beach in Bali
We Will, We Wonít, We Might
The Forlorn of Africa
Indonesian Hotel Investment: Road to Rags or Riches?
The Very Bare Necessities
Upgrading Baliís Key Tourist Areas
Feverish Anticipation
From the Sands of Arabia
One Month to Go to IHIC 2014
Indonesia Ė For All the World to See
Smile, Youíre on Candid Camera
The Warung with No Beer
Time Out for Hand Outs
Round and Round We Go
In the Swim of Things
Assalamu Alaikum
Love Makes the Wheels Go Round
Revolution of Rising Expectations
The Day the Music Died
Tribute to the Greats
Is Your Motorbike on Fire?
A Lingering Nose Job
Australia-Indonesia Rapprochement Delayed
Lavatory Lockley
What do You Do With a Cutthroat Sailor?
Tales of the Tiger Untrue
Fouling the Road and Our Air
Transiting Bali in Style
Seeking to Meet in Indonesia
In Search of Foreign Exchange
Puff the Magic Airline
Bumper Cars
Drunken Passengers Wonít be Boarded in Bali
A Most Taxing Situation
Bali and Beyond Travel Fair 2014
Hoping for a Land Rush
Do Ubud Bungalows Really Pollute Less?
Garuda Says ĎNoí to Halim
High Drama
The Dirty Secret of Secret Beach
Baliís Golden List
Conquering AsiaĖ One Restaurant at a Time
Bali Shows Strong Start to 2014
See Indonesia First
Punishment to the Maksi
Lady Drivers
Knock, Knock, Whoís There?
Little Enthusiasm for Baliís Renovated Airport
Parked in a Waiting Zone
Tax Evaders in Paradise
Que Pasa, Senor Winasa?
A Solemn Roll Call
Making Kidís Play of a Green Earth
For Those in the Know on Indonesian Hotels
We Get Mail!
We Get Mail!
Saving Baliís Starlings
The Fast Check Out Line is Not Working
Bali Property Market in Decline?
Paying for the Right to Work
Providing Gifted Students a Free Education
Evil Disposition
Bali and Beyond Travel Fair 2014
Dogged till the End
Hastie Rise to the Top
The Wines of Medoc in Bali in May
Nigel at 70
Where to Eat in Ubud?
We Get Our Kicks from Champagne
Will You Gather at the River?
Nuts to You
Willkommen in Indonesia!
Lady Justice Paks a Gun
Ollie Ollie Umphrey
Dreamliners to Paradise
Bali Shall Not Forget
Wear Your Easter Bonnet
Paying More, Getting Less
Pets Not Welcome
Education for Excellence
Bali as a Cheapening Destination
Indonesia Takes Delivery of RI-1
Flying into Trouble
Tiger Vanishing in Thin Air
More Fiber Optic Service for Bali
Giving Channel Seven Australia an Aussie Salute
Indecision is Expensive
Power Hungry Bali
Don't Bet Your Life
Call to Arms in Bali's Fight Against Prostituion
Parceling Out Bali
Bali Au Poivre
Starwood Hotels Bans Shark Fins in All Hotels Worldwide
The High Cost of Flying Solo
1844 and Evermore
The Catís Meow
Bali Luxuriates with Top Spa
Not Impressed with Baliís New Airport
Committed to Excellence
A Fatal Sleep Disorder
UFOs in Bali?
Bali, Hounded by Rabies
Round and Round We Go
Throwing the Book at Corruptors
Low Season, Fewer Flights
Narcotics in Bali: High Risk, High Profit
Permission to Work
Silently Burning
And the Winner is . . .
Rooms, Rooms and More Rooms
What Goes Up, Goes Up Again
Murniís at 40
Bali New Airport of the North: Build it Right
Garuda as a Migratory Bird
Take the Day Off!
A Bird of Pay
A Quiet, Luxuriant Weekend in Bali's South
Masters of the House
Bruce to Brace Sales on Nusa Dua
Post Power Perception at IHIC 2014
A Grave Concern
Pay at the Door
Bad Boys! Bad Boys!
Airbus as a School Bus
Consigned to the Compost Heap for 2.5 Years
Straits, To a Point
Thereíll be No Comings and Goings
Shore Leave from Bali
Staying Well, Being Well
Clearance to Land
Seeking Careers in Hospitality
SBY Loves Bali
Hey, That's My Job!
On Your Hash Mark, Get Set, Go
A Picture of Fitjer
It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature
Bali Toll Road Closed for Day of Silence
Something to Wine About
It's a Lonesome Highway
Pay Before You Go
A Special Section for Cesare
God Bless the Tools of Our Trades
Baliís Singular Welcome to Visitors from the Sea
Our Cup Runneth Over
Pilots Who Donít Eat
The Roads Less Travelled
A Clean End to an Old Year
Promises, Promises
Picking the Right Plate
A Fifth of Alila
Taking Leave of Bali
A Landing at Sea
Far From Home, Needing Help
London on Hold
The Spy Who Got Left Out in the Cold
Vino EspaŮol Ė at Baliís Arwana Restaurant
We Ought to be in Pictures
Andaz Lands in Bali
Chris Salanís Guide to Bali
Whatís New at Neo
With Murderous Forethought
Keeping it Organic
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