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Bali Ring of Fire Volcano Tour

Join a Full-Day Safe, Memorable and Educational Bali Volcano Tour with Bali Discovery Tours

(10/22/2017) As Mount Agung remains under the highest alert status, the Provincial Government of Bali has taken extraordinary measure to ensure public safety is ensured by placing an exclusion zone cover a 12-kilometer radius around the volcano. news, bali news, bali update, bali informations

With volcanoes as one of nature’s most awesome forces, now is the time to visit Bali to learn more about these majestic mountains of fire.
Join Bali Discovery Tour’s unique “Bali Ring of Fire” Tour that will provide new insights on the workings of volcanoes and, weather permitting, a view of sacred Mount Agung from a safe distance well removed from the exclusion zone established by the Government
With Mount Agung rumbling at a distance this tour includes:
Total cost for two passengers US$150. Prices for families or groups available. news, bali news, bali update, bali informations

Please note: Your safety and comfort is the main concern of Bali Discovery Tours. The entire tour program is conducted in areas far away from the danger zoned surrounding Mount Agung set by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency.
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